Review : Etude House Correct and Care CC Cream #Silky

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if you already seen this post earlier, you must wondering something wrong happened with my post. Yes, I do make mistake >.< I was about to write a review about this cc cream, and I just uploaded the picture, accidentally unconscious I clicked "publish post" not "save to draft" .... I just realized it 11 hours after *cry*

Anyway, I was so tempted to buy and try cc cream because of the natural coverage + skincare. to answer my curiosity of cc cream, I just choose the cheaper one. That's why I choose Etude :D
Etude cc  cream is available in Silky for oily skin and Glow for dry skin. I choose  the silky one as I tend to get oily in my T-zone after a long day ...

the top of the box

Brand : Etude House

Product Name : Correct and Care CC Cream #01Silky

Amount : 35g

Price :  buy it online for 147.000 IDR (15$)

8 in 1
Multi- Function

- Anti Aging
- Stress Relief
- Hydration
- Whitening
- Sun Protection
- Tone up
- Smooth Texture
- Luminosity

 the side of the box

Ingredients :

the back of the box

The whole design of the product comes in princess-like design, the dominant of white color make it looks  simple but cute and eye catching *v*

the tube comes with pump and plastic cap. the pump works well, it can control the amount of the cream that you want to use. 

the cc cream having white color as the base and tiny beige beads in the cream, when you blend it. the white color turns to be light beige color. The texture is silky, smooth,  and without shimmer that makes your skin shiny. It has flowery scent, but it's so light and will dissapear afterward.

for coverage, cc cream is less coverage, but this cc cream gives me natural coverage even though I still need to use concealer. It also gives instant brightening, and helps minimizing my pores. It will give natural healty glowing effect if you moisturizing well before using this product or else it would make your skin feel dry and flaky.

if we look back at the product's claim, I don't know about the anti aging, yeah korean product always have this claim.... and stress relief? what? I don't feel like my stress decreasing lol.  For hydration, whitening, sun protection, tone up, smooth texture and luminosity. yeah I think it works. 

Over all, I love this cc cream. It feels light to use everyday, doesn't break me out, and help minimize my pores. I wish it has more coverage

minimizing pores
with SPF 30/ PA++
instant brightening
easy to blend
natural finish
doesn't break me out
hygienic packaging with a pump
good for base makeup

can be as white as vampire if you put too much on your face
less coverage
one shade fits all
oil control



Would I repurchase ?
umm, maybe... I wanna try another brand

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