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     I'm in the middle of short holiday right now because exam is over. as I'm having free time, today I will be reviewing a facial foam from Shiseido Hada Senka. Hada Senka is Shiseido drugstore product which has affordable price and easily can be found at local drugstore in Japan. 

Last December, my brother went to Japan and I asked him to buy me this. I knew this product from my research on google and youtube. they said it's Japan's no. 1  best selling cleanser o__O and lot of Japanese beauty blogger/vlogger rave about it. So I really want to try it and now let's check out what I say about this product



Product Name

_____Shiseido Hada Senka Perfect Whip Foam___




___Y 380_($4.00)__

taken from Amazon 

This cleanser creates soft and rich foam which acts as a "cushion" to protect the skin from harsh cleansing motion. Meanwhile, it penetrates into the pores to clean impurities and excess sebum. Skin becomes clean, soft and hydrated. For all skin type (except ultra-sensitive skin)

watch the video CF to know how to create the perfect whip foam

I cannot found the full product ingredients list, but some blogger said it contains white cocoons and serum for moisturizing effect on the skin

The design of the product is simple with blue color dominated, and it comes in squeeze-able plastic tube. It's not sealed with transparent plastic or aluminum foil on the product hole like mostly Korean product does. in the back of the packaging, there's no English description at all, and I cannot read Japanese except hiragana and katakana lol #verybasicjapanese

It has flip-top cap, and the hole is easily to dispense the product

The Texture of the  product is paste-like or creamy.

The Scent of the product is so fresh. It smells like flowery with citrus. but in pleasant way. I'm sure this product contains perfume.

Honestly, I cannot make a thick foam like the video does by using bare hands and water only. It doesn't work for me :(

I use cleansing net to make speedy thick foam

the foam is so soft and whip cream-like when I applied it in my face

although this product can create such a big foam. It doesn't feel dry at all. it feels gentle on the skin. After cleansing, my skin feels clean, fresh, and  smooth. also my sensitive combination skin : acne, oily and dry didn't give a skin reaction. yes, it doesn't break me out. For the moisturizing effect, it's not feeling so moisturizing. I think hada labo gokujyun facial foam works better in moisturizing.


I love this product. It has generous amount and you just need a pea size to once washing time. The price is also good, if you buy it in Japan, it is cheaper than buying online. but unfortunately it's not available yet in my country :( 

the product cleans well, it smells good, I'm having so much fun while washing my face because the it can create a thick foam, and the last. it doesn't drying out my skin...

what do think ?


would I repurchase?
yes, of course 

see you in the next post :)

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