Review: Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Sleeping Essence

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this time I'm back with night cream review. Instead of calling it sleeping essence, I think night cream is just the right name for this.

Having dry skin makes me cannot live without moisturizer. but not all moisturizer available in the market/ drugstore can moisture my skin well. yeah, I have to say . This one is work for me..

this product is available in two different size, the one is 50ml on the jar packaging and mine is 20ml which is in tube.

let's check what's the product's claim



___Product Name___
Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Sleeping Essence
21.000 IDR 

Product's claim :

New Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Sleeping Essence is enriched with 2x Japanese Sakura Extract - a gentle but powerful ingredients from Japan. This delicate night essence, with a blend of Japanese Sakura Extarct, Natural Fruits Extracts, and Vitamin CG, hydrates skin for 24 hours and lets skin breathe while you sleep. It helps lighten skin tone, fade dark spots, and refine skin texture. Wake up with pinkish radiance skin that feels smoother, softer, bouncier, and more refreshed. The formula is suitable for sensitive skin.


Ingredient lists:

It comes in plastic tube with screw cap.

the texture of the product is like a lotion with a pink colored cream. The scent of this product is  flowery and  for the 1st time using it, the scent is kinda strong for me but after that I get used to it. This product is the type of product that stay in the surface on the skin in order to keep the skin moisture through the night but it didn't feel heavy or greasy.

After 2 months of using it, I didn't see any specific result in lighten skin and fade the dark spots, but it does refine my skin texture. as I have said earlier I have dry skin, this product works really well in moisturizing my skin and for "suitable for sensitive skin" claim also work for me because it doesn't break me out :)


I love this product, it moisturized my skin well without breaking it out and  without gave me super shining greasy result in the morning when I wake up. I would like recommend this product for you who have normal, combination and dry skin because it does hydrate your skin . For oily skin, it might feel greasy in the morning. What I don't like for this product is only the scent >.<  it is kinda strong. 


Would I repurchase?

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