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I'm back with lipstick review. Actually I don't wanna post a review about this famous SMLC because it seems like everybody did the same. but I made this one for fulfilling one of my assignment on the campus. Because I already wrote the full review about this product, it will such a waste if I'm not publish it, right?

as I became a lipstick holic nowadays, I keep searching for the lipstick shade that I never own before. This time, I stumbled upon US cosmetic drugstore brand named NYX. Its soft matte lip cream become booming when a lot of beauty blogger raved about how good this product is. Available in 22 different shades from nude to dark color and their named every shade with the name of city around the world like Antwerp, Cairo, Tokyo, Amsterdam, etc
This lip cream price on NYX website is 6.00 $ but I bought this lip cream for IDR 79.000 from online shop, and you can buy it in Indonesia at the nearest counter for IDR.110.000

Product’s Description:

Taken from nyx official website:

Neither lipstick nor lip gloss, this matte lip cream is a new kind of lip color that goes on silky smooth and sets to matte finish. Soft matte lip cream is surprisingly durable and, unlike some matte lipstick formulas, also moisturizing.



It was made by bad quality of plastic materials with wand to take the cream lipstick out from its bottle.  I could say the packaging is the bad one because mine is broke after 3 months (see the pic below). The whole design of the packaging is simple. and the color of the bottle packaging is the representation of the lipstick color, even though the color it is not similar. 

The lip cream applicator was made from a sponge and it glides smoothly on the lips.

Soft Matte lip cream in Shade Antwerp has bright fuchsia color, the texture of the product is creamy but it will turn into matte finish after you apply it on your lips. It doesn’t feel heavy, looks glossy nor sticky.This lip cream has a pleasant smell! It smells like vanilla and chocolate, and it tasteless hehe  

For long lasting and matte finish effect, this lip cream set right away to matte finish after I apply it on my lips. From my experience, it stays on my lips for 4-5 hours without eating. After eating a heavy meal the color will a little bit disappear. But I just need to re-apply it.  

For moisturizing effect, I can’t say it if it’s a moisturizing lip product. The matte finish give drying feeling. And if you have super dry lips, the dry patches will show even more.

here is my broken packaging T____T
I put this smlc on my makeup pouch, it's okay for several month and one morning, I found my smlc broke on the neck of its bottle /cries/

·        -  Matte finish
·        -  Long lasting (stay for 4-5 hours)
·       -   Smells good
·       -   Affordable
·       -   Easy to find at department  store/ online store
·       -   Not greasy
·       -   Not glossy
·       -   Pigmented

·        -  Need makeup remover to clean it
·       -   Drying
·       -   Bad quality of packaging


 I love this product except for the quality of the packaging! The color is pay off, the cream lip cream turns into matte finish and it long lasting. The things that I didn’t agree with the product’s claim is just the moisturizing effect. It’s drying out my lips. But using a lip balm first before applying this product can be helped even though the result won’t be as matte as without lip balm. 



Would I repurchase?
Yes! I would repurchase but in different shade

See you in the next post :)

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