Review : Peripera Peri'sTint Water in Cherry Juice

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      I don't remember the last lip product review in this blog. It's not that I don't have much lips product, but again, classic excuses. I'm too lazy to take picture of it. I don't quite good taking mouth or lips photo. Well, I need to learn more -_-

         You know that Korea is very famous for their lip tint product, I guess every Korean Cosme brand has their own lip tint product. For this past one year. I was looking around. Watching video, and reading a lots of lip tint product review. Because I' kind of hesitant to repurchase any lip tint again but I ran out of my one and only lip tint which is etude house Dear darling tint. Honestly I'm not a fans of lip tint or any lip product that have wand or applicator. In my opinion it's not convenient for rushy morning activity. So, I let out my dislike about lips product that have wand and choose most common lip tint in market :D

☁ Product Information ☁


Product Name/ Variant
Peri's Water Tint no. 1 (cherry juice)

8.0 ml

 $ 8.00 


Peri's water tint have five different shade

☁ Product Description ☁

 the description is taken from

The packaging definitely is so CUTE! The packaging color and design are being upgraded. I have the newest version. this lip tint comes in nail-polish look-a-like glass bottle, with an applicator. It doesn't travel friendly because the glass bottle make it heavy and easily broken if you accidentally drop the bottle on the floor

The scent : it smells like candy, smells sweets like cherry candy

Consistency : the consistency of this lip tint is just like the name. it's watery. 

       It has red kinda peachy color. For a pale person like me, this color shade  really pop out on my face. it makes my face look fresh and become brighter as the lips become the point. This product have watery consistency, so it dries fast when I apply it on my lips. Unfortunately, I already have super dry lips. so for me this lip tint also feels drying.

   If you like gradient lip look, this lip tint might be a perfect one. Also like the other lip tint product. It sinks very easily only in the middle part of your lips. Leaving vivid color stain beautifully.  For me, I don't really like gradient lip. It just doesn't look good in my lips' shape. So I prefer full lips. but to achieve perfect full lips. It is kinda tricky. I need to blend the tint with my finger or lip brush,  and I usually need to put twice to get  the tint fully stain on my lips. 

Lasting ability : It stays quite a while, 5-6 hours without meal or drinking. but it will stay for 3-4 hours if I drink water. For having a big meal, it would leave stain only in the middle part of my lips

affordable price
cute design product
smells like candy
suitable for gradient lip look
vivid color


feels dry on lips
not travel friendly
heavy glass bottle


I like this product even it dries out my lips, I can just apply lip balm on the top of this lip tint. The color is so vivid, makes me look fresh. The dissapointing part is just the bottle of  the packaging. It could be nice if it was made of plastic instead of glass bottle. So I can put it on my pouch without being afraid the product will be broken. 


If you have tried this product, or not please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

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