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I have been watching korean dramas since I was in five grade . Back then Full House was such a must-watch drama and everybody love it. Because of Full House, I grow up with those fairy korean drama. I also learn to love k-pop when I was in ten grade. After all those years growing up with oppa, unni, nuuna, ahjusshi, dongsaeng, etc . I realize they are all flawless! then my interest change, from hardly kpop fangirl to korean skincare things. 

When learning about essential of korean skincare, I also learn korean makeup from youtube as it would be easier to understand since I need to see what they do with makeup . Now my makeup style is really into korean, so I watch korean beauty gurus on youtube very often.  I follow a lot of korean beauty guru on youtube, but not all of them my favorite. Now I will tell you my  top FIVE korean beauty yotubers first.

1.  P  O N Y

Pony used to be a beauty blogger who like to upload her makeup look on Naver (korean website), She is famous for ulzzang makeup look. I started to know about her two years ago when I started to love korean makeup. She was an host and makeup artist for TV program called "Pony's beauty dairy" and now she has her own youtube channel. The reason why I love her because while she was doing makeup tutorial, her explanation about the tutorial is clear and easy to understood. She is also honest about a certain product that she uses while doing the tutorial. She can rocks any makeup style. and Now she is also CL 2NE1's  makeup artist...my GZB queen :D

 2. S S I N I M

One of a kind beauty youtubers! I have been watching her videos for this past one year. She can be super duper pretty like barbie and suddenly changing become your handsome oppa. Her style is different. She is boyish and funny. You never get bored watch her tutorial because her choice of words is hilarious.  Her opinion about certain product is really honest. If it's bad she wouldn't recommend that product for the viewers. She is really good in copying boys idol makeup which is rare for a girl beauty guru. Check out her GD makeup tutorial in Bang Bang Bang MV. Totally rocks! :D

3. K I M D A X

I just found out about this talented girl recently. Her video editing is amazing. The videos is well made and it's visually pretty. When watching her video is just fun and different with another beauty guru. She likes to do girls idol makeup  tutorial and the makeup she did make her look exactly like the idol. but not all of her video have english subs on it.

4. J U N G S A E M O O L

She is very famous korean makeup artist. She has done top artist makeup like kim tae hee, gu hara, eugene, etc. She also often come to korean TV  beauty program like "Get it Beauty", "Beauty Bible" etc.. In her youtube channel there is a lot of useful tips and trick on makeup and some makeup tutorial. Recently Jung saem mool make her own makeup product. 

5. S U N N Y  D A H Y E

She is a korean who live in Indonesia. She is just like your friend talking to you through video. Humble girl. In the past she likes to make makeup tutorial but now her channel is like lifestyle channel but still in korean beauty related. She also open up about her plastic surgery experience. 

That's my TOP FIVE korean beauty youtubers that I would very recommend you to check out their channel  and there is channel that I also enjoy to watch like : 

 DADDOA, So Young's Beauty Room, MEEJMUSE, Hello Rabbit, and Yeondukong. 

That's all my favorite
What's your favorite korean beauty channel on youtube? 
lemme know by leaving the comment down below 

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