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Hello, how's life?

It's been a while since my last time talking about lip tint. Anyway, these days, I'm into coral/ peach lipstick. It such a pretty color for me and thankfully it matches with my skintone. Then a few months ago, I saw this Missha x Line Friends Poptastic Jelly was having clearance sale. It was Rp. 60.000/ $6 from normal price around Rp. 100.000/ $10 , so I grab it right away along with the Missha All Aroud Safe Sunblock Essence also in the missha x line friends edition.

Even though I'm not a huge fans of lip tint because lip tint only stain obviously in my inner lower lips and it's hard to stain my upper lips which is annoying, but I got this lip tint on my hand, oh look at the cute packaging of Missha x Line Friends with Cony there! I can't resist them! XD 

Missha x Line Friends Poptastic Jelly Tint have six different lip tint shade and all of them is pretty! Mine is in shade 03 which is Hot Coral.

Product's Description

Jelly type tint helps provide moisture and vivid color when touched to lips. It provides lot of moisture, It's a liptint with natural, vivid colors longlasting and nonsmudging
  • Resilient Jelly Type: Aqua jelly texture with fresh moisture takes care of lips.
  • Vivid Lips: It completes perfect lip makeup by providing vivid color when touched to lips. 
  • Even Color without Smudging: Since it is jelly type, it creates even lip color without smudging.

Main Ingredients:
- Honey extract
- Hydrolyzed collagen

How to use :
Take an appropriate amount and apply naturally by tapping from the inner side of the lips to the outer side.

(the picture and the description were taken from missha website)


First of all, the packaging is so cute! The cap's color is pink. It was made from transparant plastic bottle with wand applicator. The wand is not really long, it is in medium size and the applicatior is making the application of the jelly liptint to the lips easier. Unfortunatelly on the packaging/box, there is no description in English at all, only writing in hangeul. The same with the color shade information on the bottom of the lip tint bottle, it's written in Korean language.

Texture and Scent

Texture: different with water lip tint which have liquid consictency, this jelly lip tint  has consistency in between jelly and liquid lip tint. Did you get it? If you have tried Etude house dear darling tint, that lip tint has kinda jelly texture but this liptint consistency is just like EH dear darling tint mixed with Peripera water lip tint.

I have review both of them here and here 

Scent: for me it smells like mango/ kinda fruity scent. Smells sweet tho

My Thought

When my first time trying this jelly lip tint, I was thinking that I choose the wrong shade because it looked such a vibrant orange not a coral color like the name of the shade. But then I realized that, this lip tint will change color after one minute. The color when firstly applied would look so orange but after that the color will change into coral color with the hint of pink. 

It has such a pretty coral color that looks so bright and brighten my skin complexion. When I applied this product, like the other lip tint on the market, this product also mostly only stain on my lower lips and it needs some effort for me to make the color stay in my upper lip.

Now, I will talk about the long lasting ability of this product. 
I could say this product is so good in the term of long lasting, because I noticed that it keeps staining on the inner part my lower lips (it would stain like gradient lip style) even after lunch and it could stay on my lips around eight hours. However because it can stain on my lips that long, it's so drying! The claim's of the product might be moisturizing but it would turn so dry after three hours of using the lip tint. and when it's so dry, it will emphasize the fines lines/ crack on my lips. 


I have kind of love and hate relationship with this lip tint. All the color shades are so pretty, the packaging is so cute and I don't have the problem with the shade and the packaging. I also love the long lasting ability but it's so drying, it's cracking up my lips everytime I use this product. Also, it's hard to make full lips with this lip tint, gradient lip would be very easy tho as its mostly stain in the inner part on he lips. 

I would like to recommend this product for you who like to use lip tint to create gradient lip style, and I woudln't recommend this product for you who have supper dry lips like me.  



If you have tried this product or not, please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

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