Review: B.liv Deep Impact : Deep Pores Massage & Cleansing Emulsion

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What's your skin enemy? Mine are dry skin and those stubborn black and white head around the nose area. That's why, even though I have dry skin, I never cannot give up skincare for  deep cleansing my pores as I do makeup almost every single day.

Nowadays there a lot of  product option in the market for deep cleansing your pores but the product that I mostly heard is clay mask. As we know that clay mask is good for cleansing your pores but sometime it's such a troublesome to use it as weekly routine because we need specific of time to use it. Recently, I heard about a unique product from B.liv which is deep pores massage and cleansing emulsion that can help to clean the pores gently, makes the skin such a velvety smooth and can help to prevent blemishes and pores blockage. Sound interesting, isn't it ? It's such a new skincare concept for me.

If you never heard about skincare brand B.liv before, B.liv (believe) is originated from a cosmaceutical brand,  and their products are formulated with salon-based solutions. Their skin care brand is also in the over-the-counter market and  have undergone trials and testing in more than 200 professional skin care centers prior to placement in the retail market. Therefore, their products have purpose to get the user have the same treatment at home similar to those available in professional skin care centers. and.......the product that I want to review is their Deep Impact : Deep Pores Massage & Cleansing Emulsion. I've been using it for one month, twice a week as my weekly pores treatment. 

Product's Description 

amount : 50 ml
price: US$25.00

this emulsion delves deep to expel imperfections to reveal the true beauty of your skin, as it cleanses and massages your face to porcelain perfection. it also gently but effectively exfoliates and clarifies your skin. your real beauty can now shine inside out.
• cleanse pores gently
• promote microcirculation for a healthy-pores skin
• velvety smooth touch of skin
• prevent blemishes and pores blockage

best for:
oily skin (recommended usage is 2-3 times a week)
how to use:
Apply a thin layer of deep impact to damp skin. Gently massage in an upward and outward circular motion until the beads fully dissolved. Rinse well.
aqua (water), disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, sodium lauryl sulfate, glycerin, cocamidopropyl betaine, kaolin, peg-7 glyceryl cocoate, jojoba esters, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) bark/leaf/twig extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, titanium dioxide, hydroxyethyl cellulose, xanthan gum, citric acid, methylparaben, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil


The packaging comes in silver metallic cardboard box with orange band ( orange is for blackhead care line), but the product comes in squeeze-able plastic tube with transparent plastic twist off cap. It looks simple and clean. Not forget to mention, it also travel friendly. 

Texture and Scent

Texture: This product has milky, like-moisturizer-texture. It's in the thicker side and creamy. It has tiny jojoba beads that can dissolve easily to the skin once you massage it. As it has creamy texture, it didn't give any bubbles at all. But before you use it, make sure to damp your skin to make the process of using/massaging/exfoliating with this product more easily or else, it would feel so dry as you cannot massage your face if your skin is not wet. 

Scent: It almost has no scent. When I check the ingredient list, I notice there is no  fragrance which is good for people who have issue with skincare with fragrance.

My Thought

It's actually a unique skincare concept for me as the texture is different with any other product in the market that can be use for pore care. Even thought the name of the product might be deep pores massage and cleansing emulsion, I couldn't say it is 'a cleanser'  because it feels like an exfoliate product due to the tiny jojoba beads that its have. but what I like about it, even if it has tiny beads, it feels gentle on the skin, the beads don't feel harsh at all, and because the beads will dissolve once you start massage it, you'll enjoy the massaging process without worrying if the beads would over-exfoliate your skin.

I have been using it for around one month and I could say I'm kinda like it because it does help in reducing those white and blackheads around my nose area. Although this product is recommended for oily skin, but so far it didn't make my skin  tight or even drier. Every time I use this product, my skin would feel clean, smoother, softer and brighter. It feels like, I wanna touch my skin all day, because it feels so damn good. Yep, I swear.  Look at the picture above to see my skin result after a month using the product.


It such a great product for combating those stubborn whitehead and blackhead as well as taking care of the pores with constant usage. I would like to recommend at least two weeks of the constant usage if you want to start to see the result, but the longer you use it, it's better. Although, it recommended for oily skin, it can be use for any skin type that have concern with pores as I feel, it doesn't dry out the skin and make the skin feel clean, smoother, softer and brighter everytime I use it. 




More info about B.liv

If you have tried this product, or not please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

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note: the product was given to me for review purposes, however all my opinion is honest and based on my own experience with the product.

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