Review : Wardah Matte Lipstick 01 in Pink

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Hello guys, this time I'm back with my first lipstick product review. For Indonesian product, brand Wardah is one of my favorite brand, but I got this lipstick because my sister give it to me last year and she said she didn't like the color. For me NO, I'm really in love with this cute color.

Brand : Wardah
Product Name : Matte Lipstick 01 Pink
Amount : 3,8 g
Price : 35.000  IDR (depend where you buy)

there's no description about the lipstick product on the its box, so I take it from Wardah  offical website :
  • smooth texture and not too shining
  • moisturizing lips
  • contain jojoba oil and Squalane
  • a lot of color to choose 
  •  easy apply in one stroke

 Ingredients : 

the grey color theme for this matte lipstick gives simple and elegant vibe. it doesn't look cheap and suit perfectly in my hand to hold. It's perfect size to fit in the pocket.

Here is the swatch on my hand, I need to do three times stroke, so the color will show up . The pink color is pretty. and I think this color not for everyone with darker skin color. Once my friend tried it and she said the color didn't pop out even though she use it very bold. 

the texture of this lipstick itself sometime hard to use, it's not sticky and smells good . It's not gliding easily on my lips and I need always to use lip balm, one of my favorite lip balm also from Wardah in strawberry that I got free from my sister lol

this matte lipstick if I tried it without using lip balm, it so drying! It makes my lips dry and look horrible . The product claims to be moisturizing but it's not moisturizing at all :( so lip balm is so important to be used before any lipstick product.

for staying power , It would stay around 2-3 hours without drinking or eating . After eating I need to re-applying again . I think, for the best result using lips brush will give smooth matte finish than just applying the lipstick like that . 

After all I like this product because of the sweet color...

Here is my pic using the lipstick product

  • cheap
  • easy to find at store
  • the color
  • easy to carry around
  • medium pigmented
  • smells good
  • not sticky
  • not greasy
  • not too shining
  • drying out my lips
  • need more one stroke to the color to pop out
  • doesn't suit all skin color
  • does't stay long



Would I repurchase?
Yes, It's cheap, and It has good color

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