Review : Olay White Radiance Advanced Whitening Moisturiser SPF 24 PA++

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Hello guys, I'm back with my current favorite moisturizer cream  that I bought by accident and I'm gonna review it now... 
Back on February my face become flaky and dry, to prevent any break out  because using my Etude House AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion [review here]  not moisturizing enough I change my moisturizer become something that much creamy and moisturizing. Actually  I supposed to buy Olay Rich White Day Cream because my careless, and never buy any Olay product before I grab something that I just could find at mini market. 

 Before I bought the full size product, I've tried the trial pack which I buy 35.000 IDR at mini market. The trial pack was 15ml and last for me about one month. Because  I ran out the trial pack and having the full size, I will review the full size instead of the trial pack.


 Brand : Olay
Product Name : White Radiance Advanced Whitening Moisturiser SPF 24++  (the name is too long -__- )
Amount : 50g
Price : 120.000 IDR ( buy it at supermarket )


The  product claims : 

Direction / how to use : 

Following regimen steps : 

Ingredients : 

It comes in green colored glass jar without spatula, so you need to dip in your finger inside the jar which is not hygienic. Product with glass jar/bottle give elegant and expensive vibe . I always have speedy morning routine and product with glass jar/bottle packaging is just not good for me. I'd prefer the packaging in bottle with pump or tube .

there is another plastic divider to prevent direct touch from the germ. 

The texture of the cream is creamy but not too thick which is suitable for normal-dry skin. If you have oily skin, just tried the Lotion variant one.  Not like the other moisturizer product that I've tried before, this product seem doesn't absorb on my skin. It feels like the the cream just sitting there to keep the skin moisturized, but It doesn't matter for me because it doesn't left greasy-feeling.

the color of the cream is peachy like and has light flowery scent which is I really like. It doesn't left white cast and left nice smooth looking after the usage. 

I've been using this cream about five month and I can see nice result now. My sister and my friend had said that my face was brighter. I also can feel that my skin texture is smoother and less dark spot/ acne scar. The most important think is this cream doesn't break me out and help my makeup set and all. My makeup would be look different if using gel lotion or something with light texture. In the most drying time, I sometimes mix this cream with my BB cream to get my skin more moisturized. 
- mosturizing
- with SPF 24++
- not greasy
- whitening
- nice scent
- doesn't break me out

- pricey
- the jar packaging
- non paraben free


Would I repurchase ?

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