Hani EXID ( Ah- Yeah ) Makeup Look

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Hello lovely reader!
This time I'm back with makeup look!
Being a fans of K-pop. and also have been listening this song over two weeks. Finally I've decided to make Hani's Exid makeup look.  Because seeing a catchy idol makeup makes me want to try them on my face.

Hani's Exid  makeup on Ah-Yeah MV is something simple but sexy with the red lips as the point.
Even though I didn't really look like Hani, but this makeup can be a reference for a sexy office look :)

yes, I tried to imitate her expression but fail!

How to achieve this look :

I use 3D style makeup that Hani often did. in 3D style make, middle zone area on the face ( T zone, cheeks,   under nose, and chin ) will be the point for the face.

- use cc cream / brightening makeup base only on the area that I only mentioned before.
- Use BB cream or foundation all over the face and the neck .  Applied it with brush or stipple brush to achieve flawless look. 

- use concealer to cover acne scar. and tap it with finger. 
- use face power with brush

 - Draw your eyebrow using lighter color with straight shape and brush it.
-  For eyes : use eyeshadow no. 2 as base ( soft rossy color, matte) , no. 6 ( soft rossy color with shimmer), and 7 ( gold color with shimmer). Use only the gold color on the middle on the eyelids and under eyes ( eyes bag) to create aegyo-ssal.

- use dark brown matte eyeshadow and draw it like using eyeliner, and make it slightly lifted and  longer at the end of the eyelids waterline.

- use black liquid eyeliner and winged it a bit
- curl your eyelashes and use mascara on both side of your eyelashes.
- use brown creamy eyeliner for under eye waterline to deepen the eye's look 

Third :
- for blush, mix bb cream and  peach color lipstick and dab it on the cheek area
- shading your nose light color brownzer, to make it smaller and higher.
- shading both your side face with brownzer to make your face smaller
The last :
- use lipbalm
- red lipstick
- use concealer to make gradient lips



Etude House CC cream #silky
Nature republic by Flower BB cream #1 
Maybelline  BB clear smooth #fresh (Mixed BB cream 1:1)
Etude House Surpise concealer
Marina Compact Powder 
NYC brownzer #sunny
Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #05 (nose shadding)
LA Girl Glazed lip paint #peony (for blush: mix with by flower bb cream)
The face shop lovely me:ex eyebrow #browngrey

Eyes :

LA Girl beauty brick #nudes (2, 6, 7)
Etude house look at my eyes cafe #mocha
Wardah staylast liquid eyeliner
Etude house 101 pencil #49
Maybelline Volume curl mascara

Lips :

Silkygirl color lipbalm #05
Mirabella chick lipstick #03
Etude House dear darling tint #02
EH concealer

  See you on the next post!

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