Review : LA Glazed Lip Paint in Peony

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Hello...... whats up?

Finally I have the mood to write down a review about this lip product after a roller coaster week. Duh. I just finished my intern time teaching at school. and at the same time there is still class on the campus with billion paper, group presentation and bla bla bla. I am exhauted T____T 
but... it's all the way that I choose so keep do my best *faking smile*

Anyway, I bought this lip prouduct around several month ago which is quite long time ago.... 
This product was famous as the dupe of the too face melted   which have triple price more expensive than this LA glazed. I bought it for 58.000 IDR

LA glazed lip paint has around 11 shades *cmiiw* with all gergeous color and packaging similar to too face melted. But I choose the Peony shade as I though "oh that's shade is so cute, oh I should have that one".  Also, as the person who likes to collect different shade with diffferent brand. I play save to just bought one shade only. even though the bom shell shade is so pretty

I found this lip product visual packaging is pretty. The gold twisted cap with the plastic tube which has same color with the lip product shade. Unforunately, I hate the lip applicator. It doesn't work. It looks like a toothe paste tube, the applicator just sitting there. So everytime I use this lip product I use my finger or lip brush. Oh well, not really ready to go lip product eh?

This Peony shade have like pink peachy color.

The scent : It has similar scent to minty scent of toothpaste even though it doesn't consist perfume.   as I look at the ingredient, the minty scent comes from mentha arvensis (peppermint) leaf oil. and when I applied it on my lips, it also feels like a minty tootpaste which I rarely found on a lip product taste like this . but don't worry, it the scent didn't stay that long

The Consistency : It feels creamy but lil bit runny, It glides smoothly when I apply it on my lips. and it has glossy finish. 

 Staying Power : It doen't have super staying power, it will dissapear right after you have a meal. and when you drink this product also transfer, leaving stain on the glass

I have fair skin, my expectation this shade would be peachy on my lips. but it turns out lighter. Pinky milk color.  So, I look pale with this color shade. as I really like the color, unforunately this color only suit when I put heavy eyes makeup on.

affordable price

intense color 

not feels drying on lips

glossy finish


not easy to get in Indonesia, must buy it online

minty scent and minty taste

lack of staying power

the lip applicator


I didn't hate or love this lip product so much.The quality is just so-so.  I rarely put heavy or smokey eyes makeup for everyday look, I think this shade only suit on me for special occasion. For everyday lip product this shade give me pale look. Because I have only one shade, maybe another shade could be good .



If you have tried this lip product, or not please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

See you on the next post 


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