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Hello my lovely reader!
Yes, finally I have a cushion hehe, this is my first and the only cushion I have now.  I have been craving for a cushion since one year ago but normally a cushion priced over $15. as I have low budged for makeup, I will think twice to buy over priced product. until one day I saw one of my favorite vlogger post her curently favorite  cushion which is Missha M Magic Cushion Betty Boop Edition.

M Magic Cushion Betty Boop edition actually is really cute, but I prefer sleek packaging that looks expensive and the price for Betty Boop edition lil bit higher even though both of them have the same formula.

This cushion from Missha released this year, there is two optional for M Magic Cushion. The first is the original one, like the one that I will review here. the packaging have silver ring around it. and the other one is M Magic Cushion Moisture, which have gold ring surronded the packaging. It has so pretty luxurious packaging for cushion under $8

☁ Product Information ☁


Product Name
M Magic Cushion SPF50+/PA++ shade #23


6800 KRW


☁ Product Description ☁

taken the description from website

Ingredients list:

☁ Packaging ☁

Although it has a cheap price for a cushion, it doesn't look like a cheap product! It has a nice sleek packaging like the other brand. It's easy to carry around. because It's already cheap, it doesn't come with the extra refill. They sell the refill seperately. 

Missha M Magic Cushion have 50 SPF+./PA ++ which is good for protect you from the sun, It claims to have perfact coverage without darkening.

The scent : it comes in mild flowery scent, and I love it :D

The consistency : A cushion actually a foundation placed in a cushion, it's easy to use, it's easy to blend. 

Coverage : as this product become my first cushion. I'm quite surprise with the coverage! like the product's claim. The coverage is really good. I often read a cushion review, most of the review says their cushion has light to medium coverage, and they still need to cover the acne/spot scar using concealer. But this cushion has medium to full coverage. I rarely put extra concealer while using this baby. This cushion doesn't cakey, and feel light to the skin.

This cushion comes in two different shade, 21 and 23. mine is 23,  as you can see, shade 23 almost match my hand skin tone but when I put it on my face. This cushion still too pale for me. While choosing the shade, you must be careful. Because usually I match shade 21. unfotunately, shade 23 feels like shade 21 here -___-

This cushion cover up my acne scar and smoothen my pore, It has semmi-matte finish. Although it has semi-matte finish, it doen't feel dry on my skin, rather moist. and this cushion leave a little bit glow, like natural glowing but doesn't feel sticky or greasy. For long lasting power, this product is so-so.  it doesn't make your face become super oily after 4 hours


good coverage

feel light on the skin

doesn't break me out

doesn't dry out the skin

minimum shade option 

the color system is too pale


I love this cushion! as an affordable product, it has really good quality. It smoothen my pores, cover my scar without too matte and drying effect. Unfortenately, this product would't fit to all skin tone. As it only has two shade option and both of them is really light. The darkest shade also still too pale for me. People who have darker skin color wouldn't really suit for the shade. I would like to recommend this product for you who have tight budged but still want to try cushio. This one is worth to try



If you have tried this product, or not please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

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