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A lot of people say the shade of this LA Girl eyeshadow palette in NUDES  is similar to Urban Decay Naked 3 but this one is the cheaper version. UD Naked 3 eyeshadow palette is famous because it has wearable shade to  use everyday and the Urban Decay brand itself has the name and quality in their product. I didn't own any UD product but after seeing several photo here and there about the similarity between this LA Girl and UD palette, I decided to buy the cheap one. 

I bought this palette several month ago for Rp.110.000 IDR and this is the only palette I have now because I'm not into eyeshadow so much. LA Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection in Nudes comes in 12 different eyeshadow shade. They don't have name at all, different with another brand palette who usually have name on each shade. 

P R O D U C T  D E S C R I P T I O N

product description from

The variety of colors and textures in the Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection include shimmer and matte shades making these captivating palettes very versatile to go from an everyday look to a night out. Each unique look is featured in its own luxurious glossy book with a double-ended brush and mirror inside. 
-Dimensional shimmers
-Smoothest mattes
-Major pigments


It looks simple and handy. The material of the packaging is made from sturdy lightweight cardboard with magnetic system to keep the cover locked. It comes with dual-ended brush , mirror, and plastic film to keep the shape of the eyeshadow. The dual ended brush have one side brush and the other side is sponge tip. The brush bristle is not really bad but I rarely use it because it makes the eyeshadow become powdery and having  the shimmery shades fall out.

C O L O R   A N D   T E X T U R E

It comes in 12 different wearable eyeshadow shade. and the color of this palette remind me of dry rose toned - neutral color which is so pretty . I just name them as 1 to 12 - from left to right. 

There is only three matte eyeshadow which is number 1, 2, and 4 and the rest of the eyeshadow are shimmery

It's hard to describe each color on this palette because some of them have similar color like shade 3, 5 and 9 but below is my conclution about the eyeshadow shade color :

no. 1 - white, smooth, powdery and matte.
no. 2 - dusty pink, smooth, powdery, and matte
no. 3 -  peachy pink, shimmery
no. 4 - light brown, smooth, powdery, and matte
no. 5 - golden rose, shimmery
no. 6 -  browny rose, shimmery
no. 7 - golden, shimmery
no. 8 - brown, shimmery
no. 9 - light dusty rose, shimmery
no. 10 - reddish brown, shimmery 
no. 11 - dark brown, shimmery 
no. 12 - taupe, shimmery

the texture of the shimmery shade is little bit buttery, easy to blend and didn't have so much fall out. In the real life, not all shade is really pigmented.  Shade number 1,2,3,4, 7 and 9 is less pigmented compare to the darker shade.The dark shade is just fine and pigmented.

Staying power: It doesn't stay that long especially the light shade. 3-4 hours is still okay, after that it doesn't really show up.

M Y  T H O U G H T

For an eyeshadow pallete, the price is cheap, and all the color in this NUDES pallete is so beautiful and wearable. but as some color  have similar color like shade number 3, 5, 6 and 9. this dry rose color sometime don't really show up when I put it on my eyelids, They just appears as bling-bling color. Same with the golden color, it looks pretty but when I put it on my lids it doesn't that show up which is dissaponted. Using eyeshadow base first with this product would be a must!

eotd without primer using 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 11


for $11  eyeshadow pallete, I can't expect so much in the term of pigmentation. but thankfully in the term of texture it is not really bad. It has less fall out but stil have fall out especially when I use the brush applicator that come with this product. Actually this is a good product for makeup beginner because the shade is wearable and affordable. The lack is only the pigmentation.



If you have tried this product, or not please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

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  1. Hai salam kenal,

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