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Finally, I'm back with my skincare routine series that I have been posting once a month since August. Actually, I supposed to post this post in October, but since I start working, and didn't have time to take a nice picture. I keep delaying this post.

Anyway, even though my daily skincare routine already seems complicated and it's already seem to complete what my skin needs, however a simple care like using clay mask, sleeping pack, and mask sheets for at least once a week, or using acid product to exfoliate my skin twice a week, it's giving such a huge differential to my skin condition. Because my skin is the sensitive type, and also combination. My skin condition changes everyday, and weekly skincare routine are the key and definitely such a skin booster to keep my skin healthy and plumpy.

When it comes to weekly skincare routine, surprisingly. I have several products which is take turns to be used and I even try to make schedule to use those products. I might sounds crazy. but  when you have so many products left opened, you need to finish them within a year or before the PAO (period after opening) time, right?

Having combination skin is different with having oily or dry skin, because you have both condition in your face. I have been through those time, when my skin was super oily and when my skin was super dry. When I was having oily skin, my focus was keeping the oil away, and when I was having dry skin all over my face, my focus was keeping its moisturizing and looking shiny. Now, all I need is balance.

 Here is the order of my night skincare routine if I add wash off mask in the middle of it:

cleanser - clay mask/ wash off mask - toner - essence/ serum - eye cream - moisturizer

but I will talk about the products that I have been using as my weekly skincare routine one by one. 


Innisfree Clay Masks

Who doesn't want to have small pores?  
When I was a teenager, puberty makes my skin condition bad. I was having acne prone skin, and I like to pop out the pimple and it makes my pores become big and create such a deep hole around my cheeks area. Since I started to aware of the important of skincare in my life, Innisfree Clay Mask caught my eyes. I even have two version of it, The Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay mask. I was having the jeju volcanic first because my skin condition was dry, and it's definitely good for you who wants to take care of your pores but it doesn't dry out your already-dry-skin. But if you are having an acne prone skin, oily, and wanna take care of your pores seriously, I would like recommend you to try the Super Volcanic one. For me clay masks such a holy grail skincare to use at least once a week, but I like to use it twice a week because it such an effective way to take care of my pores, prevent future breaks out, takes out the sebum, helping with skin texture, and clean the skin deeply .

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask and Rice Mask (Wash off)

If using clay mask will take out my sebum and makes my skin drier, I also like to use wash off mask which is hydrating. Both Skinfood mask that I have, they are hydrating my skin and I love them. If you ask me to choose between Rice or Black Sugar. I suggest you to try both of them. For me the Skinfood Rice Mask is effective to hydrate, smoothing, and brighten up my skin complexion, it also helps with fading out my spot, meanwhile the Skinfood Black Sugar mask is effective to exfoliate the dead skin on the skin surfece because it has sugar texture to scrub the skin. It also hydrating, and smoothing the skin texture. I usually use skinfood rice mask or skinfood black sugar once in two weeks or depend on my skin condition.

Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

Beside using wash off mask which have sugar texture to exfoliate the skin surface, exfoliation product also comes in liquid, like the texture of the essence/serum. But exfoliants which comes in liquid texture, it exfoliates until deep inside the skin and it is categorized as chemical exfoliants or well known as Acid. The acid such as AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid) are the common acid which is being used in skincare products. For me, I use Cosrx Blackhead Power Liquid as acid  treatment because the function for BHA itself is for exfoliate to prevent blackheads, brighten & whiten for a more even skin tone, prevent and fight the future blemishes, to achieve and make the skin smooth and soft. I use this cosrx bha product twice a week, so far this acid treatment really works in improving my skin texture also makes my pore smaller. This is the order of how I use this acid products: low pH cleanser > hydrating toner > Acid product. and I will let it for 30 minutes to let the product do its job before I go the the next skincare steps. But if you have super sensitive skin, you might be careful to try AHA or BHA products because it can irritate your skin. 

Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack

Sleeping pack is the skincare item that I use more than once in a week, mostly three times a week, or I also use it as moisturizer in the morning if I have super dry skin in that day. Sleeping pack also the easiest skin treatment for having such a plumpy and hydrating skin in a night without need to wait, just put it on your face like regular moisturizer, and you are ready to sleep. The sleeping pack that I currently use, it's Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack, check out the full review of this product HERE

Sheet Masks

Sheet mask is such a must item skincare for me. Even though I'm not a big fans of sheet mask because it's pricey, if I'm looking for instant skincare effect such as hydrating, shooting, plumpy, and glowing skin, I will look for sheet mask. My current favorite for sheet masks are My beauty Diary and Mediheal. I use sheet mask mostly once in two weeks, or once a week. I usually use sheet mask as the last step of my skincare routine. After toner I just straight away using sheet mask and I don't use any moisturizer or essences after that. Sheet mask is enough. 

Naturecia Brightening Exfoliator (Peeling Gel)

Another exfoliator product that I have is Naturecia Brightening Exfoliator. Basically, this product is a peeling gel to exfoliate the dead skin on the surface of the skin. But I rarely use this because I already use Skinnfood Black Sugar and Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid as my exfoliator products. For me this product have such a strong chemical smell and it has such stronger chemical things compare to another peeling gel that I ever tried.  That's why this peeling gel is taking the dead skin super fast. It cleans out the skin, make it brighter. I usually use this product once a month.


 That’s all for my weekly skincare routine, like I said earlier, those product is taking turn to be used in a week. and For masking my face using wash off mask I usually will go with tree times a week, using acid treatment twice times a week, and using facial scrub is once every two weeks. I hope this post can help you to taking care of your skin more.

If there is any question about certain skincare products or skincafe routine, please leave comment down below

Thank you for reading

See ya!


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