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Japanese Drugstore Skincare

Have you tried Japanese skincare product before?
I know that I tend to use skincare from Korean brand but since the price is not that affordable, I try to find skincare alternative for my super dry skin. 

"Why don't you use local skincare which have more affordable price?" this question pop out a lot. To be honest, I really want it, but as mostly skincare from my country (Indonesia) is made for humid weather even when it's written "for dry skin" . It doesn't give any effect to my skin. So, skincare from country that have colder season, it's usually suit better on my skin.

I remembered my discovery to Japanese skincare world was in 2013. Back then, Hada Labo products were on hot topics as there were a lot beauty blogger friends of mine that make review about them. Then of course my first Japanese skincare product was Hada Labo. It turned out very well and after that even until now, my desire to keep trying new product keep growing. However, I do have several Japanese skincare favorite that I keep purchasing so many times because it's so good. Here is some of my Japanese (drugstore) skincare favorites:

Facial Cleanser

I love these cleanser. Both can create such a foamy bubbles, clean the dirt on my skin, but  they don't make my skin dry of feel tight. I've been using Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing for three years, and I don't remember how many tube I've used so far. Because the price is also cheap comparing with another brand. I never have problem to repurchase it over and over again :D

for Senka Perfect Whip, although is not as moisturizing as Hada Labo, but this is quite decent facial cleanser for dry skin. It makes my skin feel clean but not dry. It also doesn't break my skin out rather make my skin texture become better. This cleanser price is also affordable and it comes in the big size that enough for around 3-5 months. No wonder this is number 1 facial cleanser in Japan. 

Toner / Lotion

The same with Hada Labo Facial Cleanser, I've used Hada Labo Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion for 3 years. To be honest, I get bored easily by using the same product over and over again but because this lotion is so hydrating, it such a skin savior whenever the weather get colder and drier. It also can make my skin smoother, and plumper every time I use this religiously. I remember, back then my skin condition and my skin elasticity were very bad. My skin was sagging. but I started to see the change of skin texture and elasticity when I finish my first bottle. I swear, this product is so good to make the skin plumper and to increase the skin elasticity. Even once when I have skin check up in dermatologist, she said my skin elasticity  and the collagen are in the high percentage for my age and I was suggested not to use any anti-aging product before I turn 25. 

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner is also categorize as hydrating toner but it doesn't as hydrating as Hada Labo. For me Hatomugi is too light in consistency for hydrating toner. However this is such multi-purpose product that can be use from head to toe without feeling sticky or greasy because it absorbs quite fast. Rather to use it as toner, I love to use it as facial mist and makeup remover. It has such calming properties that can make my skin feel calm when the air is so humid or dry.

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I know lot of you love Biore Sunscreen so much, but not for me. The alcohol is too strong for my liking and it can make my skin drier sometime. So, my all time favorite sunscreen is Skin Aqua UV Moisturizer Milk SPF 50. I love this product since the first time I use it which is three years ago haha and I still love it until now. This sunscreen has milky texture with no white cast that can keep my skin hydrate through all the day.

For Hada Labo Perfect UV Gel SPF 50, I just discovered this product last year, and surprisingly it's very moisturizing for a sunscreen which is good for dry skin. It has gel consistency but it takes sometime to absorb to the skin. However, the alcohol smell is quite noticeable even thought not as strong as Biore sunscreen. 

Sheet Mask 

Sheet mask is always be my skin savior. I can use sheet mask once or twice a week when my skin condition is really bad. I've been liking sheet mask from Pure Smile since last year because they are affordable and have a big range of sheet mask option. but my favorite one is Pure Smile Essence mask in variant Strawberry and Matcha. They smells so good and have plenty of essence. Not only Pure Smile, my current favorite sheet mask also comes from LuLuLun and Hada Labo. In my opinion, among three of them. The most moisturizing sheet mask is from Hada Labo. It has thicker essence consistency comparing to Pure Smile and Lululun. 

Makeup Remover ( no pictures )

My all time favorite cleansing oil is also comes from Hada Labo. Omg, I know, it seems I'm so bias into Hada Labo but I swear, if you have super dry skin like me. Skincare from Hada Labo is really help a lot! Hada Labo Moisturizing Cleansing Oil is one of my favorite cleansing oil because it doesn't dry my skin out. It might smell funny because it has the smell of real oil (no fragrance ) but I don't have problem with it. It can  remove basic makeup quite okay even though I need different remover for waterproof eye makeup like mascara or eyeliner. However, recently I found a good cleansing tissue from Biore and I'm falling in love! Not like its cleansing oil that give me tight and clean feeling after the usage. Biore Make Up Remover Cleansing Oil Sheet can remove my makeup quite easy without giving greasy feeling or tight/ dry feeling to the skin. It also smell so good. The sad thing is, for me this cleansing oil sheet little bit expensive compare to cleansing oil from Hada Labo or Biore. 


That's all my current favorite Japanese skincare. Unfortunately, I haven't found my favorite for essence and moisturizer . I've tried moisturizer from Muji (moisturizing light milk)  dan Hada Labo (milk) but I don't really like them as I prefer cream texture over milky/lotion texture for long lasting hydrating.

So, What's your favorite Japanese skincare?

What's your Japanese skincare recommendation to try?

Thank you for reading

I'll see you on my next post :)


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  1. Semuanya aku udh pernah coba, paling suka memang hadalabo.

    1. hada labo memang juara sih kalo kulitnya cocok sm itu. tapi kalo ga cocok banyak juga yg jadi beruntusan

  2. mask sheet juara lah pokoknya paling gampang dipakai, paling instan hasilnya *pemalas hahahaaa

    1. memang mask sheet itu dewa banget deh kalo lagi males pake skincaare haha makanya wajib banget buat nyetok banyak soalnya suka gatau kapan males skincarean

  3. Kmrn aku coba cosrx sama sun play gegara ka elya post di ig.. atas rekomendasi ka elya jg aku plih yg snail.. da alhamdulillah cocok.. dan skrng pengen juga nyoba toner nya hadalabo.. wish list bulan depan hehehe

  4. Aku pernah pakai hada labo cuma kulit aku kayak nya gak cocok , malah jadi bruntusan gitu , tapi disatu sisi kulit aku yang super kering ini jadi lembab

  5. penasaran sama perfect whip-nynaa :D