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Do you have damage hair ? Well, I have. Since last year, I kept coloring my hair. It's damaging now. The hair fall so easily and it's also hard to style because it's dry and hard to comb. Yeah, it's quite frustrating to see my hair condition is that bad. But several weeks ago, I saw these hair product on my instagram, as a lot of my blogger friend rave about them. I decided to try them myself.

Hey Deux Yeoza is the name of the brand. They have leave in hair treatment for two different time; Day and Night. As  the name of this hair treatment is "Leave in treatment", while using these product, we don't need to rinse it with shampoo or water. 

Product's Description

amount : 180ml
price : Rp. 444. 613 / $ 45.00 ( each tube )
PAO : 12 months

Moist day : coat your hair to seal the moisture

Enriching night : repair and restore dry and damage hair

(product description are taken from Charis website)


It comes in huge plastic bottle with flip-flop cap which can be bothersome if you want to bring it while travelling, instead. You can move it to small jar to be use whenever you feel your hair is very dry/ need treatment. The design of the products, in my opinion, is very stand out. Both products have such a cute, artistic, packaging and design. Unfortunately, in the box. There's no English description. All descriptions are written in Korean. 

Scent and Texture

Scent : Both of the products have similar flowery scent but the pink tube ( Moist Day ) has stronger scent than the blue tube ( Enriching Night ) . That's why the pink's smell stay longer in the hair. Make it smells good all day. More detail, these products got elegant and luxurious scent, not typical sweet flowery scent. 

Texture : These products have the same texture. The texture is creamy and thick like conditioner. For Enriching night, it doesn't have color ( white color), meanwhile Moist Day have baby pink color. Since I have short hair, I usually use only two pumps and put it mostly in hair ends. If I put more than two pumps, my hair would feel sticky as they have little thick in consistency. 

My Thought

In my opinion, both of the product really work in deep moisturizing my hair. However I like the Enriching night better than Moist day because I feel, it has less sticky consistency and it can make my hair smoother. Both product also work for protecting my hair from burning if I use styling tool or hair dryer. I have been using these product for a month and I feel my hair is smoother now even though I must say using this product is kinda tricky as if I use it too much it will make my hair feel sticky. 

I like to recommend this product if you have damage hair/ dry hair/  as these product can minimize the damage you might have now




Where to buy?

get special price if you buy these two from my link above

If you have tried this product, or not please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

See you on the next post!

note: the product was given to me for review purposes, however all my opinion is honest and based on my own experience with the product.

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  1. the packaging are so cute >.< hope i can try those producst someday