ulzzang eyes makeup tutorial

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Hello everyone, Zora is back :D
This is my first time to post about tutorial, yaaaaaaay!!!! :D
I know I’m a newbie in makeup stuff but I really enjoy it so much as my hobby and also to add my knowledge.
Short story, I became interested in makeup since one year ago, it was when I though about my school graduation day. because I wanted look good without asking anybody to do my make up. I’m picky and I don’t like being touch ><
“you never complain about the result that you make by your own, don’t you? “ so same as with my makeup. If I asking my mom to do my makeup, I don’t wanna complain her work without strong knowledge about the makeup stuff itself. I prefer to do it on my way by learning. These past one year, I’ve learnt a lot from blogs, youtube, etc so, now I will share you how to do ulzzang make up eyes in my way. yipiiie :D
fyi, I’m so into korean makeup style :P
let’s check this out the simple ulzzang eyes makeup:

1. the most important things to do ulzzang makeup is circle lens ><
Always put your circle lens first before using makeup. After putting the lenses, I applied concealer to cover up my dark circle under my eyes and I use nude colour eye shadows on my eyelids as the base ( look at the picture below (1)). after using the base, I draw a line with dark brown eye shadows (no.2)

2. look at the no.2 of the 6 number in the first pic. I’m done with the eyes shadow, the next is eye liner! I used black liquid eye liner. Start in the middle of the eyelids to draw the line and extend it to the outside corner, and then extend it to the inner corner as well.
3. I applied brown pencil eyeliner to connect the end of the black eyeliner to the bottom lashline
4. even tough in the picture that I took not really obvious, trust me . I use eyelash curler
5. I applied mascara
6. I highlight my under eyes with neutral colour eye shadows (3) to make my eyes look bigger

like I said before, it’s simple but not in the thick eyeliner way.
go to my instagram if you want to see me use thick eyeliner to make ulzzang look , or I would make the tutorial and post it someday kkkkk~
thank you for reading!

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