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Hello lovely readers, finally I'm back...
as I really want to update my blog but the wifi on the campus and home didn't work properly for this past two weeks T__T I have so much trouble in doing my assignment and downloading dramas, variety show etc.

well, let's check my March beauty haul ...
oh note that, all korean product that I purchase here, is from online shop

1.Nature Republic By Flower BB cream 

one of affordable bb cream which consist of 35ml. this will be the whole year bb cream because I rarely purchase bb cream before finishing the previous one. I bought it for 77.000 IDR

2.  Nature Republic Shooting & Moisture Aloe Vera 80 % Emulsion

having such a combination skin and terribly dry on the cheek areas, I decided to buy this because it consists of 160ml...such a great amount and I never tried emulsion before.
oh, if you like to visit nature republic  korean website like I did, this product is one of the newest  product that recently out.  I bought it for 109.000 IDR

3. Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #05

 I choose the wrong shade for contouring purpose, but I still can use it as invisible contour and I use this as my daily nose shading. Price : 59.000 IDR

4. Etude House Look At My eyes cafe #mocha

single eyeshadow color that has matte finish. I can use this color as eyeshadow, eyeliner and to draw my eyebrows. but for nose shading, this color might be too dark. Price: 38.000 IDR

5. Etude House Drawing Eye brow #gray

finally I found the perfect eyebrow pencil color that match my black hair. Price : 28.000 IDR

6. Hada Labo Ultimate Moisturizing Cleansing Oil
this is my second purchase for this product. I won't ever buy this cleansing oil if there's no discount. the normal price might be 55- 65.000 for only 100ml. quite expensive lol.  the first time I bought this because it was discount to 35.000 and this time because the price become 45.000.

7. Hada Labo Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion
first time purchase this, because I usually use my hada labo ultimate whitening lotion. it was discount and I bought it for 25.000 at supermarket

8. Oriflame Essentials Moisturizing Day Cream with Multi-Vitamin Complex and Apricot Extract
normal price was 67.000 something, but in March oriflame catalog it became 27.000.such a good deal :D

9. Love Nature Eye Cream
I'm starting to care with around eye's skin. this is my first time purchase eye cream. so let's try with the cheaper one eheh. Price: 48.000

10. Viva Milk Cleanser Spirulina

I know I already buy cleansing oil, considering the expensive price of cleansing oil. this milk cleanser is one of alternative to clean my makeup. cheap but good. Oh, also I really like the scent.  price : 4.500

11. Viva Air Mawar

just a water rose to put on the powder facial mask. as someone who doesn't really like rose scent, thankfully the scent is not too strong,  Price : 4.500

 and the last, never absent product on my drawer:

12. Ovale Facial Mask Lemon

they have their new design product even though they still have the lady face there. Price: 6000

13. Acnes Sealling Gel

my savior for the nasty pimple which often comes suddenly without permission. Price: 15.000

wuuut, that's my March haul. another package will arrive next month which consist of some makeup product from US and korea. I'm so excited XD

well, thank you for reading...

 see you in the next post

dear beautiful readers, thank you for visiting my blog and

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