Review : Bifesta Cleansing Lotion in Bright Up and Age care

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Removing your makeup in the end of the day is really important, because wear makeup all the time will make your skin age faster and it will make the pores clogged which make your skin in trouble. As I'm aware of the important of cleansing my face cleanly, I started to use double cleansing method since I was in junior high school. back then I don't know that method called "double cleansing".

My mom used to use cleansing milk and astringent to erase her makeup, but it takes a lot of time. because you need more time and more cotton to make sure all the makeup gone. These days cleansing water is a trend to wipe off the makeup easily without wasting time and energy. but this Japanese brand, Bifesta. instead calling their product cleansing water. They make it into cleansing lotion. I see the concept of the cleansing lotion is the same as cleansing water, maybe they didn't want the name look similar with another cleansing water. but hey for me it sounds weird to hear "cleansing lotion" :D

I bought this cleansing lotion several month ago at Food Hall when there was buy 1 get 1. so I choose the age care type and the bright type is the free. This product consist of 300ml, a bottle cost me around Rp. 115.000 - Rp. 128.000. I have been using the both type for around 6 months. now let's jump into my experience with these babies.


Mine actually the old packaging design, the new one seems better and cute. The product comes in the transparent plastic bottle with pump to dispense the product. The pump has the pump keeper/locker to keep the pump save. when I bought it, the bottle was wrapped and sealed like the picture above. When I opened the wrapper, the bottle looked like the picture below. For me the design of the bottle looks clean and cute but the big bottle of this product isn't travel friendly and even there is a pump locker, sometime the the product dripping by itself. When pumping the product out, it  can take a lot of product, so I must be careful or else my cotton would be so wet. 

closer look for the pump and the pump locker

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion in Age care 

Product Description 

bifesta website product description :
Richly moisturizing ingredients for more lustrous and supple skin.  
  • Containing moisturizing/cleansing ingredient 
  • Containing coenzyme Q10 (moisturizer)*1 
  • Containing ceramide-like ingredient (moisturizer)*2 
  • Containing adsorptive hyaluronic acid (moisturizer)
*1 Ubiquinone
*2 (Glycerylamidoethyl methacrylate/stearyl methacrylate) copolymer
 non irritant formula, fragrance free, colorant free, oil free, alcohol free, paraben free

Scent and Texture 

It stated that this product is fragrance free, but for me it has similar scent with skincare with fermented yeast. It has slightly smells like plain yogurt, I think. The texture of this cleansing lotion is watery and looks like milky water but when I felt the texture on my skin, it feels like the mixing texture of water and oil become one. It's not oily nor so dry like water but it feels like moisturizing water or lotion . did you get it ? =.=

My Thought

I bought the age care type not because this type offer anti aging properties, but I always thought that product for older people usually rich in moisturizing and it would be suitable for my dry skin. This product doesn't clean all the makeup in one swipe, but it needs several swipe to erase all the makeup. After removing my face makeup with this product, it wouldn't feel squeaky clean but it feels oily residue leave on my skin. For extremely dry skin this would be good because it leave moisturizing things behind but if you don't like the feeling of it, this type would not be for you. For me, it's okay, because even after two hours wearing nothing, I don't have oil at all on my skin. So, this quite moisturizing. In addition, even though it claims to be non irritant formula. I suggest you to not use this for removing eye  and lip makeup . In my experience for wiping my eyes makeup with this, it stings, sometimes feel like burning especially in under eye area :o

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion in Bright Up

bifesta website product description :

Containing moisturizing Vitamin C and lactic acid (a type of AHA) for translucent skin.
*1 Dead skin cells containing melanin
*2 Skin appears darkened when pores are clogged with dirt 
  • Containing moisturizing/cleansing ingredients
  • Containing moisturizing Vitamin C*
  • Containing lactic acid (dead cell softener)
  • Containing adsorptive hyaluronic acid (moisturizer)
* Bis-glyceryl ascorbate
Anti-acne formula (non-comedogenic tested)
* This does not guarantee that the product will not cause acne to any user.
non irritant formula, fragrance free, colorant free, oil free, alcohol free, paraben free

Scent and Texture

It has the same scent with the age care type, the smell of plain yogurt. Different with the age care type, the bright up type doesn't have milky colored water. It's colorless like water. It's watery, and feel like clean and fresh when the soaked cotton touch the skin. 

My Thought

The bright up type feel different with the age care. it feels light, clean, fresh, and take out all the greasy feeling that makeup left at the end of the day. For my dry skin, this product make my skin even drier because it takes all my the oily stuff. but I think this is good for normal to oily skin. For the brightening effect, I'm not sure if it works. Also, I'm not suggesting to use this around the eyes area or using this for cleansing the eyes makeup

Cleansing Power Test

I use the both type to check the cleansing power. It looks clean, and the both type looks like, they takes all the makeup off but.... I do the cleansing power test using my toner to see how clean my skin is

as you can see, both sides still having some makeup left on my skin. I can say that this product doesn't take all my makeup cleanly.


It has such a big amount for a cleansing product with reasonable price. The both types didn't break me out, but I'm kind of disappointed with the cleansing power because it doesn't take all the makeup cleanly, also it stings and feel burning if I use this product in the eyes area. I won't repurchase this product again because there is better and cheaper cleansing product out there.



If you have tried this product, or not please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

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