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What's up guys!
To be honest, I have more skincare than makeup but, as you know it takes a lot of time to do skincare review. I become too lazy -.- For me , it takes at least one month to post a skincare review because I need to see the result on my skin.

 In this post so I will jump into my honest review and experience of using those skincare that I have finished, even repurchase  some of them. Please note that I have dry skin and the skincare here mostly for it but some of the product is suitable for any skin type. So please look at for another references if you are interesting on buying in certain product that I've mentioned here :)

Ready for long review? Grab your snack first ! :D

1. Olay Moisturising Cream

The texture of this product is creamy, and it stays in the surface of the skin. It has strong version of baby powder smell. I have been using this moisturizer cream more than one year and I really really love it. I repurchase it so many time because it's simple moisturizer without whitening and it's just moisturizing my dry skin right without heavy feeling, or greasy. I usually use this cream as day and night cream, but I need to use sunblock in the day because this cream doesn't have sun blocker. I just stopped using this product two months ago because I broke and I still have my facial oil. This product cost for Rp. 53.000 IDR. I will seek for cheaper cream, but I will definitely comeback for this cream. 

2. Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Watery Essence

This was my first essence that I bought one year ago.  I love this product. I even repurchase it. It moisturized my dry skin really well, leaving it smooth and it smells so good. The texture is runny, and easy to absorb to the skin. This essence used to be named as Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Essence  and they change name into : Super Aqua Max Watery Essence

In my opinion, the both version are same in the term of product. They smell same, they perform same on my skin, even the ingredients are pretty similar. The differences are  just the name and the packaging design. that's it. Newest version come into darker color design. but still both version using heavy glass bottle with pump which is not travel friendly. After finished two bottles of this product, I think I won't repurchase it again, because I found out this product didn't moisturized until deepen layer of my skin like innisfree does. It costs for Rp. 164.000 IDR for 40ml

3. Nature Republic Shooting Moisture Aloe Vera 80 Emulsion

Before I found out the differential between emulsion and essence, I bought this emulsion first. and It takes me almost one year to finish all of the product because it consists of 150ml. Such a huge amount isn't it?  I bought this for Rp.105.000 IDR

Emulsion is lighter version of moisturizer, for oily skin using this product after toner is just enough.For me, I usually use this product in the third layer after toner and essence and  I still use another product to keep my skin hydrated. So it could be  toner > essence > emulsion > moisturizer cream.  The texture of this emulsion is runny, it doesn't absorb well if I just put it on my skin without doing 'tap- tap' motion. It has strong smell. but I'm not sure if it's aloe vera scent. This product didn't do amazing things to my skin but it does shooting for the skin. When I felt the weather is so hot, adding/ putting this emulsion felt shooting and calming. 

4. It's Skin Power 10 Formula : VC Effector

It's skin is very famous for their power 10 formula, I decided to try one in VC variant. This variant consist of vitamin C for whitening and brightening effect. The texture of this essence is runny, and it has refreshing citrus scent. I was septics at first with this product because usually whitening product does break me out and it doesn't moisturizing enough. but this product didn't do that. The essence absorb easily to my skin and leaving my skin soft and hydrating. I used this when I was in community service in country side (KKN), the country side was so hot, and everybody seems to be tanner. but I got compliment that my skin look even brighter. I also felt that when I use this essence my skin is calmer and I'm not breaking out easily.  I definitely love this essence, I would repurchase this again or I might buy another variant from power 10 formula line. I bought it for Rp.109.000 IDR for 30ml

5. Oriflame Love Nature Eye Cream in Grape

When I turned into 21years old. I realized that I need to take care of my under eye skin, So it was my first eye cream. If I'm not mistaken, It costs for Rp.59.000 IDR for 15ml. I didn't have so much problem with my under eye, I don't have serious dark circle but I do have fine lines. I can't say so much about this eye cream, because it doesn't work at all. It doesn't fell that moisturizing for under eye skin. Until I finish the whole product, I didn't see any differences with my under eye skin. 

6. Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen Eye Cream

Seeing my cheap eye cream do nothing, I decided to buy the more expensive one. This costs for Rp.166.000 IDR for 30ml. It takes me for around six months to finish the whole product which is great. I don't need to waste much money for eye cream.  It comes in heavy glass jar with mini spatula which is not travel friendly.

The texture is unique, it's like pudding but in the same time it's a thick cream. This eye cream didn't absorb to the skin, it stays under my eye leaving it smooth and prevent my under eye cracking because of my drying concealer. I could say this eye cream is moisturizing but it do nothing with dark circle and fine lines. The things that I like for this eye cream, it makes my eyelashes growing longer and the thick cream texture keep my under eye mositurizing.  but I would not repurchase this again


7. My Beauty Dairy Strawberry Yogurt Mask (10 pcs)

Last year, when my brother went to Guangzhou, I asked him to buy me two boxes of My beauty diary mask. Each Box consists of 10 pieces. I just finished the whole box of Strawberry Yogurt variant recently. and I really love this mask. Strawberry Yogurt variant is for oil control and balancing purpose. Even though it's for balancing, it's not drying out my skin. It's moisturizing and it has yummy smells of strawberry but not in strong way. It has a lot of essence. and this mask give me glowing result in the morning when I put this mask in the night before. I really highly recommend this mask <3

8. Elianto  Mask Sheet

I have tried Elianto mask in Mung bean, Cucumber, and Rice variant. All the variant  that I have tried so far have strong smells. The texture of the essece is runny but thicker that usual mask. This mask also have a lot of essence. but So far I like the cucumber the best. It's really hydrating my skin well even though I hate the smell. It costs for Rp. 25.500 IDR each mask. 

9. Celebon Mask

I have tried Green tea, Red Ginseng, and Pomegranate variant so far, and I haven't found my favorite. They are so so. they are moisturizing well, they didn't have super strong scent but they have less essence than usual mask. So, this mask dry so fast on the skin, also this mask cost much for that quality. It costs Rp.19.500 IDR for each mask. Even cheaper mask have more essence on it. I felt guality for the GFriend face there :\

10.  The Face Shop Apple Pop Hand Cream

I super love this apple pop bon bon a la pomme smell. It smells like sweet apple. The texture of this hand cream is not thick, it's like body lotion. It absorbs easily, leaving my hand soft and smells good. but the smell didn't stay quite long  and this hand cream also didn't moisturizing my super dry skin enough. I bought this for 40.000 something, I'm kinda forget the price. but I will buy this again or try another variant of the face shop hand cream because it is affordable. 

Here is another empties that I already review

11. Shiseido Perfect Whip Facial Foam

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12. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

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13. Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack

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That's all for my skincare review. I still have a lot of skincare that waiting to be reviewed :D
anyway, thanks for reading

If you have tried those  product above, or not please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about the skincare product that I have mentioned

See you on the next post


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