What's In My Makeup Pouch?

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Hi, How are you?
Do you like to see someone else makeup pouch, getting curious and digging into it? As I like to digging into my friends makeup pouch and they like to digging mine. Today I'm revealing what's inside my makeup pouch :D

 I just change my makeup pouch into the see through one recently because when I was looking for something in my old makeup pouch, it was hard to find it and I often end up taking out everything and making a mess. It also being inspired by ssin nim who also always have a  transparent plastic bag as her makeup bag. She said, "because when you are looking for something you can find it right away by using transparent plastic bag". lol I do agree even though it's lil bit uncomfortable to let people see what inside my makeup pouch.

My see through makeup pouch is so boring compared to my old makeup pouch which has Sincan on it. so I attached a pink ribbon on the zipper.

As someone who mostly spend a day inside the house and often going to sleep over at cousin's house or friends dorm. I bring a lot of things in my pouch because I don't like to use others. and so far, there are 15 items in my pouch.

Lip Products:

 - Viva Chic on Lips Moisture Balm in Strawberry Inside

 - Silkygirl Moisture Boost Color Balm in Coral no. 02

 - Wardah Exlusive Lipstick in Maroon Style no. 45

In my makeup pouch, lipstick is a must! I also cannot live without lipbalm because my lips is so dry. for the lipstick I just bring two with me. The shade are pink and dark red shade lipstick. As pink is my safe color to put everyday and dark red is for unexpected event that I need to attend. 

Face Products :

 - Acnes Oil Control Film

 - Sariayu New Bedak Padat in Kuning Langsat

 - Sariayu Pensil Alis Pro in Brown

 - Too Cool for School Rules Dual Cover BB Cream in sample size

 -  Moisturizing Cream Olay Natural White Light

 - Unbranded Lip Brush

I rarely touch up my makeup or re-apply bb cream, draw my eyebrow again or re-apply powder, I prefer blot up after several hours because my nose is oily...I bring them just in case I need to going somewhere and look decent. And.... I bring moisturizing cream for emergency case because sometime when I felt my skin itchy, it means my face dry and  I need to put moisturizer.

I bring the lip brush because I have two of this, and it's so cheap...around Rp.3000 I think... so I though, It would be useful 

Other Products :

- Nuvo Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

 - Minyak Kayu Putih Caplang

 - Marina Lovely Bubbly Body Mist Cologne

 - L'Occitane Iris Blue & Iris Blanc hand cream

 - Wooden Comb

 - Mirror

Those are the products that I mostly use. Hand sanitizer, hand cream, wooden comb, body mist, and mirror. They are my life saver lol I might look pale because my lipstick faded but I cannot be smelly or have messy hair. When I'm going to face my students. My hands need to be clean, I have to smells good and neat. ha ha :D For minyak kayu putih (eucalyptus oil) this is for sudden stomachache, and the insect bite. 

So, that's all for what's inside my makeup pouch. What's yours? tell me ? :)

See you on the next post 

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