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Can someone stop me?
Everytime I take picture of my beauty haul, I felt gulity. I know, I buy this stuff with my own money, but the feeling of "can't saving money" always linger. Why I buy so much stuff? and again, it's mostly skincare. Should I start to make shopping diet? -.-

Ah well, enough with the guilty feeling. When it comes in buying skincare, there is no regret because I always succsess in no time finish them all, but makeup. I often end up regret buying it because, it often happens, didin't meet my expectation. 

My June haul mostly from Althea, if you already read my experience shopping in Althea , you know that I'm having fun shopping there because they have reasonable price...... and Now let's see what I bought in June.


Althea Haul 


  • Holika Holika Jewelight Waterproof Eyeliner in Gem black
  • Missha The Style Mascara 4D
  • Missha Under eye brightener concealer in light beige and natural beige 
  • The Saem Cover  Perfection Tip Concealer in  shade 1.5
I bought Holika holika eyeliner because of curiosity, and I'm kinda regret buying it because I didn't read any review about it before buying. Ugh. It happens to easily smudge making panda eyes on my oily eyelid -_- and this is my first time trying mascara and concealer from Missha which is so cheap! Althea sell the concealer for around Rp.10.000 back then, that's why I bought two. Now they sell with normal price. For the mascara, it around Rp. 37.000 but surprisingly good.  and for concealer from The Saem which is my HG concealer, I get it for free to stock up :D

Now, let's move on to the skincare haul


  • Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask
  • Innisfree Capsul recipe in jeju bija and tea tree
  • KOELF Ruby Bulgarian Rose Eye Patch
  • Mediheal Vita Lightbeam Essential Mask 
  • The Saem Healing Tea Garden Cleansing Water
  • Guerisson 9 Complex Skin
  • Nine Point perfume hand cream in Marry me

I'm repurchasing mediheal vita beam mask because it's damn good. I bought innisfree super volcanic clay mask because I almost run out of my Innisfree pore clay mask. and I'm thinking to make product comparison of both Innisfree clay mask. For the saem cleansing water, it is the cheapest cleansing water that I ever buy, also surprising good. 

Different case with Guerisson complex skin, I bought it because I watch a korean drama called "Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi" the story was about the struggle of small cosmetic company and the struggle of the employee to sell their cosmetic. In the drama, they use almost Guerisson 9 as their company product. Haha that's why I give it a try.

If you curious about the price in the item that I bought, just check the website. I'm kinda lazy to write all the prices. 

That's all for althea haul, next, move on to another skincare haul

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner
Rp. 80.000 - Rp.100.000

Silk Pack Black Pearl Essence Mask
Rp. 11.500

OXI Five Softclear lenses -0.75
Rp.100.000 for 3 pairs

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask Shea Butter and Bamboo
Rp.17.000 of each

Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack
Rp. 22.000

Well, I have been craving for hatomugi skin conditioner since last year, but back then it's hard to get this item in Indonesia. Online shop didn't wanna sell it because it has such a huge amount which is 500ml. Luckily, AEON mall sell this now. I asked my best friend whose live near the mall to help me to buy that, but instead of expecting me to pay, she gave me it as birthday present. Aww I'm so happy. and for OXI five softlear softlenses, I bought it because I cannot use glasses. Everytime I wear glasses it gives me headache, so I decided to wear clear lenses when going to campus. 

and the rest of the haul is sheet mask to stock up.

That's all for my June Beauty Haul.

Please leave comment below if you want me to review the product or you already try that product.

Thank you for reading

See you on the next post ^^


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