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Today, I want to review one of cleansing water that I have been using for around four months and I almost finished the whole bottle. Recently, this cleansing water  become popular and become number 1 best seller The Saem product following with their cover perfection tip concealer. Ssnim (korean beauty youtuber) also keep saying The Saem make a really good cleansing water and concealer with such a cheap price. If you read my June beauty haul, I already told you where I bought this product. I bought this product for Rp.77.000 and the actual price of this product (in Korea) is 5.500 KRW which is around 6$. It's super cheap price for 300 ml product. 

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This healing tea series, it's available in  two types: tea tree and white tea. The Saem cleansing water actually is my first time trying korean brand cleansing water, before I try this product, I also have tried the famous cleansing water, Bioderma and cleansing lotion from Japanese brand; Bifesta. Check the full review of those product here:

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Product Description

(half of product description is taken from althea website)

The Saem Healing Tea Garden  Green Tea Cleansing Water (Moisturizing)
  • Mild No-wash Cleansing Water with Boseong Green Tea
  •  Boseong gree tea (100pm) creates skin barrier and prevents moisture evaporating.
How to use: 
Fully saturate cotton ball with the cleansing water, wipe skin with the cotton ball along skin texture starting from the inner area of the face and working outwards until there is no more residue. Gently press the point makeup area with cotton ball for 5-20 seconds to melt away makeup, and gently blot off skin. No need to wash with water, but lightly wash off as finishing touch.


Did you notice if there is something different with my bottle/ packaging? Look at the picture above, I don't know what happen with my bottle packaging but the wrapper get fold and wrinkled after some time. For the whole packaging and bottle design, it's the fine one. It comes in transparent plastic bottle with flip flop cap. Because it comes in quite big bottle, this kind of packaging is not really travel friendly.

Texture and Scent

Texture: Like the other cleansing water, this product comes in watery, liquidy texture. It's very light! 

Scent: There is no strong scent, almost scentless. As it stated in ingredient list, there is no perfume. So, don't worry if you have sensitive nose.

My Thought 

I have been using this cleansing water for around four months, so far I like it. When I applied it to clean the dirt and makeup on my face, this cleansing water didn't feel greasy, or sticky. It doesn't make my combination skin break out, or become oilier or drier. It's moisturizing and I felt after cleaning my makeup using this cleansing water, there is a thin film as barrier to prevent moisture lost and keeping my skin hydrate until I wash my face with cleansing foam. To use it as eyes makeup remover, it also didn't sting at all. It can remove light eyes makeup, but it doesn't really remove waterproof mascara.

Even though I don't have skin reaction, and so far this product doing a good job for my skin, now let's check the cleaning power of this product. Here is the product that I usually use on my face:

now, let's have the cleaning power test:

This cleansing water removes makeup after several swipe. It looks clean but, let see......

I do the cleaning power test using my toner to see how clean my skin is

as you can see, there is just a little bit of  dirt left, but it almost can take all off my makeup cleanly. I'm quite surprised with the cleaning power. 


I love this cleansing water! this is a super good product because it's cheap, it has lots of product in a bottle, it's moisturizing the skin, and the power of removing the makeup, it's also really good. I would like to recommend this product for people with normal, dry or combination skin. For the downside of this product, it doesn't take off the waterproof makeup cleanly. but still to remove face makeup and dirt, this product works so well. 



If you have tried this product or not, please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

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