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I have been using cleansing water and cleansing oil since I jumped into K-beauty, and I never tried a cleansing balm before. I have been wanting to try cleansing balm but they were expensive for me. For korean cleansing balm, the well-known product for it, it's definitely Banila Co. Clean It Zero Balm, but before I get my hands on that product, the brand new korean cosmetics named Heimish, they have similar product with Banila Co. Also, ever since youtubers like gothamista, joankeem, and meejmuse talked about this product. This brand caught my eyes.

I was lucky, when I really wanted to try this product but it's so hard to get, last month, Heimish attended a cosmetic exhibition in my country for two days, and I found, they were selling Heimish All Clean Balm with special price. I got this this product with only 14$  which is the actual price is 23$, with purchasing the all clean balm, I also get the cleansing balm in the travel size, and a tiny lipstick palette, yep  It . brings. a. joy. in. my. life! 

Product's Description 

clean and comfortable beauty
intense cleansing balm

volume : 120ml


The box and the jar have fairly simple design with white color and leaves pattern. but I found this product's packaging is clean and cute. On the packaging box, it has description, and ingredient list in Korean and English. The jar comes in the huge sturdy plastic jar which is make it not travel friendly. When I open the jar there is spatula, and it's placed in its spatula holder which is become the lid before you see the actual product .  

The spatula is the same with other cosmetic spatula, it's really helpful to taking out of the product in the right amount.

Texture and Scent

Texture : When I touched the cleansing balm inside the jar, it's hard. But It's easy to scoop out with the spatula and the texture will become like butter. When the cleansing balm meet with our body warm temperature, it will melt and turns immediately into oil. and when you mix the oil with water, it will become white milky texture. Also, One scoop with tiny little amount is enough to the whole face.

Scent : I'm kinda surprise for the scent, because this product doesn't use any colorant or fragrant. It has quite aromatic scent, but for me this cleansing balm is really have the smell of Eucalyptus Oil (minyak kayu putih) which is very familiar scent to me. and it also, has that smell because Eucalyptus Oil becomes one of the ingredient of the product. but I'm okay with the smell, it doesn't stay quite long tho. 

My Thought 

I have been using this cleansing balm for around two months, so far I like it. It doesn't make my combination skin break out, or become oilier or drier. It's easy to use, and didn't leave any greasy feeling after I rinse it with water. To use it as eyes makeup remover, it didn't sting my eyes but kinda make my eye blurry. It can remove light eyes makeup and  light waterproof mascara. But if you use mascara from Maybelline, or Kiss me. You need eyes makeup remover. and..... It also takes my face makeup almost cleanly as I've tested the removing makeup power with the product that I usually use on my face

cleaning power test:

as you can see, it can take all off my makeup almost cleanly. Even though it looks clean, but I would recommend you to use second cleanser after using this product like cleansing foam to make sure your face is definitely clean from dirt. 


I like this product. It can remove my makeup effectively, and it doesn't cause me any breakout. It has such a huge amount and you only need one scoop with tiny amount to clean the whole face. The downside of this product, I think it's still hard to get this product in my country, if there is an online shop who sell this product, they sell it not with reasonable price, which is become twice expensive. 

but you can buy this product at  which is now have 48% off  



If you have tried this product or not, please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

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