Review: Three Velvet Lust Lipstick and Nail Polish

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Hi girls....
I'm back with lipstick and nail polish review from luxurious Japanese brand: THREE . Several weeks ago, I was invited to attend Three 2nd anniversary in Indonesia and as free gift, I got two items from them. They are Three Velvet Lust Lipstick and nail polish. Japanese Brand Three have natural products concept as stated on their website ...

I'm super in love with their brand concept, and the packaging of their products are so pretty in luxurious way! Anyway, Firstly I will talk about the velvet lush lipstick that I got.

V E L V E T  L U S T  L I P S T I C K

Product's description:

Price: Rp. 380.000/ 3,500 yen

It has 21 color lipstick shade options and every shade has its own name and the description of the shade

I got mine in shade 09 which is sweestest silence

product's description were taken from three website

The packaging of this lipstick is so gorgeous. The lipstick tube has metallic grey kinda browny color that reflects light. In the top of the lipstick tube, it has the emboss of THREE logo. 

Shade number 09 which is sweestest silence has beige color that looks like peach color with orange hint. It's pale color especially for fair skin like me. The texture of this lipstick is buttery, it glides smoothly and effortless when it's being applied on the lips. The color is not really pigmented, it has sheer finish, and it looks moisturizing/ lil bit glossy. It would be a great lipstick for those people who tend to have dry lips and prefer plumply looks on the lips. I didn't smell any scent for this lipstick.  

As you can see from the picture above, this color is really look pale on me. It looks like MLBB. It looks like I'm wearing nothing on my lips... but this lipstick is so comfortable to use. It doesn't dry out  the lips but rather moisturizing it. As it contains several botanical oils, it has moisturizing and sheer finish, but this lipstick doesn't stay on the lips that long except you didn't drink or eat anything. 

Here is my look with fully makeup and on the lips I'm wearing THREE velvet lust lipstick in shade 09.  I wish I have the other color, because almost of all the color option is so pretty...




N A I L  P O L I S H

Product's description:

Price: Rp.   234.000/ 1,800 yen

It has 30 nail polish color options and the same like the lipstick, every color has its own name and the description of the shade

I got mine in number 28 which is wanderlust wave

Nail polish number 28 which is wanderlust wave. It has grey color. sometimes it could look like a green with hint blue but sometime it looks like grey. It's great color for cool tone people. Three nail polish packaging has sleek feel to it. The nail polish comes in small glass bottle with two caps. The first cap is the square one, after you open the square cap there is cylinder cap that connected to the nail polish applicator.

The texture of the nail polish is such a liquid. It can create such a thin layer, almost transparent. We can build up the nail polish layer before it dries. Like the other nail polish product, this nail polish also have similar scent of chemical scent but not in strong way. but the chemical scent of the nail polish will disappear while it dries. 

It also didn't take time to make it dry. but unfortunately, despite the pretty packaging and it's quite pricey. This nail polish is easy to be get peeled off. It would get peeled of within days. It rarely survive stay in my nail for one weeks. but... if you have such a frail nails and prefer the nail polish that have save ingredients on it, you can try this brand.




where to buy?
Sogo and Sociolla

If you have tried this product or not, please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

See you on the next post


note: these product were given to me as a gift, however all my opinion is honest and based on my own experience with the product

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