JAPAN BEAUTY HAUL ❤ ( drugstore and daiso )

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What's up beauties!
Several months ago I spent my holiday in Japan. There, not only to see interesting places. I went crazy over shopping both for clothes and cosmetics especially skincare. I spend like two billions, which is crazy!

In Japan, I could say drugstore are everywhere. It could be the famous one like Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Kokumin, Don Quijote, or Sundrug. but I mostly buy my things in Matsukiyo or Sundrug as I can see these shops in every single section ( especially Harajuku ). Not only those drugstore that make me hype, shop in Daiso for the beauty stuff is also a must consideration as it overs cheaper price. 

One thing I realize after buying all of those cosmetics is, I didn't buy any makeup at all. I was wanting to buy makeup like Canmake, Cezzane, and Majolica Majorca. But I remember, I'm not heavy makeup user and for me it takes like a hundred years to even hit a pan to a particular makeup, so yeah I hold my self to not buy any, as I already have a lot of makeup at home. Then, it ends up as skincare massive haul.

  • Hair Products

Skincare might be my eternal love, but I also got excited over hair care or hair products that Japanese drugstore sell. They sell various colour for hair dye. and I bought only two hair dye which is Freshlight Mirror Ash and Liese Prettia in Cool Ash ( each around 400 - 600 yen ). How I wish I could buy more but my luggage is already full and that's make me have to dye my hair while in Japan because I only can bring one hair dye. For hair product, I also buy  Lucidol Hair Wax for girl. This thing exist in Japan  meanwhile in my county, it's usually only have hair wax for man. 

  • Sunscreen

Move on to skincare which is sunscreen. This is a must buy item if you went to Japan. It has various brands and options but as I love Skin Aqua sunscreen. I bought two which are Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence ( this item is so hype in Japan right now),  and Skin Aqua Sarafit . I also bought Biore UV Aqua Rich Botanical Peony just because it's pink haha and Menturm Sun Bear Sensitive
for gift to a friend ( not in picture )

  • Cleanser 

Cleanser is also become must buy item when you travel to Japan. There are a lot of must buy cleanser from various brand like  Hada Senka, Hada Labo, Rosette, Suisai , Biore, etc ...however, I'm not into facial cleanser like facial foam because if I like one product, I would keep using that only. But when I saw my favorite cleanser Hada Senka have another option beside the one in blue tube and Clay version. I think, why wouldn't I give a try to this pink tube lady?  Perfect Whip in Collagen is only being sold in Japan or Korea in I'm not mistaken, for the blue and grey version. Those are available in my country now. Beside buying facial cleanser, I stock up on cleansing oil. I bought two from Kose Softymo Cleasing Oil which are the speedy and deep type. These are quite cheap! Each bottle isn't more than 500 yen. 

  • Facial Mask 

Sheet mask is number one must buy item in my list. I repurchase my favorite sheet mask from Hada Labo in bigger size which is Hada Labo Koi-Gokujyun 3D Perfect Mask ( 900 yen ). I was having the smaller size with only 7 sheets mask / pack but the bigger size have 30 sheets mask on it. Other than Hada Labo, I bought Pure Smile Sheet Mask ( Peach and Cheery Blossom ) 100 yen /each , Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask  ( lavender and chamomile ) 600 yen /box ,  and Lush Mask of Magnaminty (not in the pic above ) 1.300 yen

You have to try Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask, it has several scent like orange, sakura, chamomile, lavender, etc. Mine in chamomile and lavender. It helps a lot when you have difficulty to sleep as this eye mask will warm your eyes area and make sleep quality even better. Totally recommended item to buy.

  • Other Skincare / Beauty Stuff

These are actually my random pick. While in Japan, I keep browsing must buy skincare since drugstore are everywhere and these are what I buy.
  • Cow Brand Milkly Body Soap Floral, 
  • Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton ( Uruuru cotton ) , 
  • Hada Labo Gokyujun Premium Lotion, 
  • Sana Nameraka Honpo Isovlapone 6 in 1 
  •  Koji Eye lash Curler
  •  Muji Moisturizing Milk High Moisture
  • Lion Pair Acne Madicated
  • Liberta Shiro Waki Hime Peeling cream ( not in pic)
I know that Cow brand body soap and Muji are available in my country but the price is different. It was twice cheaper than in my country so I have to grab them .

  • Daiso

If you have tight budget but still want to buy something that only available in Japan, you have to go to Daiso. This 1 dollar item store sell a lot of things with the same price. I bought a lot of things from Daiso to be given as a gift because it has cheaper price, but for myself I've bought face roller, compressed facial mask, hand cream, silicone facial mask and makeup brush ( blush on and powder brush ). For the makeup brush, it has a good quality of synthetic brush and quite smooth and soft to be applied for makeup. 

So yeah, I spent a lot, right?
I think that's all for my beauty haul update. I hope it can help you to shop if you go to Japan.
If you want me to review a particular product, you can leave a comment below

thank you for reading

I'll you on my next post

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6 komentar

  1. Wah gemesh banget sih sesungguhnya! Aku menyesal engga belanja apa apa karena memang cupu sih ahha gatau mau beli apa :(

    1. banyak banget yang bisa dibeli disana, dari macam daiso dan snack2 juga banyak. skincare sama makeup juga

  2. Ngeliat packaging produk korea sama jepang tuh ketara bgt bedanya, kalo jepang, full tulisan di packagingnya, dimana2, bnyakan tulisan drpd gamvar, kl korea lbh simple dan hangulnya ga gede2, gambarnya lbh diprioritaskan.


    1. iya beda packaging. kalo produk jepang simple2 banget gak banyak yg keliatan unyu unyu

  3. aku kalau ke jepang kayaknya banyak beli snacknya deh hahahaa sama printilan ga jelas tapi lucu :)

    1. aku beli snack juga banyak ampe koper gamuat. Printilan lucu yang cuma 100yen di daiso juga banyak banget. Pokoknya kalo disana stok duit mesti banyak haha