Review : Romand Lip Driver 04 Don't Stop on Your Lips

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A lipstick is never be enough for a girl. Don't you agree with that phrase?
I used to be a girl with mindset "Oh I'm okay with only a lipstick" but....uhm, it's not now. Lipstick color can describe mood, weather, season and how we wanna the other people look at us. Through color lipstick, we can look cute, sexy, fierce, or even sick. lol ....

As season changed and it almost autumn, I feel like finding the right color for this season. Then I stumbled upon Korean brand  called Romand. They have various makeup products but the only  thing that I really wanna try right now is their Lip Driver 

Romand Lip Driver has 5 different color shade and all of them are pretty!, they are : 01 Skid Mark, 02 Spotlight, 03 Flat-out, 04 Don't Stop, 05 Overrev. Mine is in shade 04 which is Don't Stop.

Product's Description

Price : Rp 174.000 (after discount)

  • long lasting
  • pigmented
  • tight adherence
  • non glossy (matte)

cr : some picture are taken from charis web


This product comes in simple packaging and design. In the product's box all description are written in Korean language, only the name of the shade that is written in English. The lip product comes in sturdy tube with long wand applicator. I like how the lip product's tube packaging has elegant vibe on it. The wand applicator works fine, although it can takes so much product when we want to apply it on the lips. I prefer to use my finger than the wand to make my lips even.

Texture and Scent

It has the texture between lip tint and lip cream. Do you get what I mean? If I say it's like a lip cream, but it has lighter consistency than creamy lip cream. If I say, it's like a lip tint. For sure the consistency is thicker than lip tint. For the color, it's pigmented and can cover the lip's natural color perfectly. For the long lasting. It's long lasting and leave stain on the lips but it doesn't stay all day long. For me, the color will start disappear when I have my meal, leave the stain color on the middle of the lips.  

scent :
It has strong flower scent that kinda annoying. Whenever I put the product on my lips, I can taste the flower scent, but don't worry. It doesn't stay long. The scent will disappear after a while.

My Thought

I'm  totally falling in love with this Don't Stop color. It has marsala color or better known as dried rose color. It's so pretty and such a perfect shade for autumn! For fair skin tone, this color will brighten up your complexion. 

In the term of finish and long lasting. Firstly, the lip product will have kinda liquidy consistency then it would become dry and matte. Leaving no gloss at all, but definitely will show your lips's fine lines and crack if you have dry lips like mine. 
it will stay on the lips if you just drink but if you have a huge meal. It would disappear a lil bit and leave stain mostly in inner part of the lips.


I love this product and the color option, however the only thing that  I don't like from this product is the scent. It's too strong and whenever I use the product, I can taste the scent on my mouth.

where to buy?



If you have tried this product or not, please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

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note: the product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my opinion is honest and based on my own experience with the product.

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  1. Kemasannya mengingatkanku sama lip tint Nature Republic atau Innisfree gitu yang aku pengen beli XD Skid Mark sama Overrep bagus warnanya jadi pengen <3

    1. masa sih? ahaha aku aja engga sadar kalo packagingnya mirip