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Hello sweety readers...
before I got really busy because exam is coming, I decided to make another blog post...
this time I'm reviewing one of my favorite essence or toner maybe (?)
Secret Key STE is the SK-II dupe, which is cheaper but you got the same benefit as SKII for your skin.

As someone that have a lot of concern about skin, my face is so sensitive. I need the right product or else my face will break out easily huuf :(  
I have read some review about this product, some saying  this is good product and other saying they experiencing purging, but thanks God this product work very well for my skin :)
oh, I have been using this product since June this year and as you can see I almost finished it

Brand : Secret Key

Product Name : Starting Treatment Essence 

Amount : 155ml

Price : 170.000 - 200.000 IDR ( buy at online shop )

All description on the box and bottle is written in hangul, I can't read it o_O

This product contained  “ 90% Galactomyces”
 [galactomyces is kind of yeast fermented besides pitera (in SKII) and saccharomyces, have you heard another brand using saccharomyces ? ]

(description in English is taken from the website)

 its described as 7 free system : free paraben, animal oil, Benzhophenon, alcohol, mineral oil, color and spice .

Ingredients :

Product's Claim:
  calming skin, whitening, restore skin, elasticity, moisturizing, improve and anti wrinkle


It comes in see through bottled glass with screw cap. The bottle itself is heavy, while using it you must be careful or it can be accidentally fall and broken. with screw cap, the product is not easy to leak out.  Oh because the product is not travel friendly, I usually put some in smaller plastic bottle.

The design of the whole product ( box and bottle) similar to SKII. I don't mind anyway but it seems this product lack of identity.

 you can find the expire date under the bottle

 The Texture of this product is so liquidy, almost like water and there is no specific or annoying scent...
when you put it on your face, it would absorb to the skin right away and it feels lil bit sticky but would disappear afterward.

how I use this product :
1.  after cleansing my face with facial wash, I just put three drops on the palm and tap it gently on the whole face and neck OR
2.  wet cotton with essence and place it on the acne area until the cotton dry

From my experience for this past 4 months with this product, it makes my skin smoother, my acne scar is reduced, no black head anymore yAy, my skin more elastic and when a pimple pop out, wetting cotton with the essence and stick it on the face helps my acne dry faster. For whitening and moisturizing, it seems not really super dry in cheek area still need moisturizer

. doesn't break me out
. soothes skin
. make acne scar less visible
. affordable
. 7 free system
. need little amount for the whole face
. improving skin texture and elasticity


. heavy glass bottle
. lack of identity 
. not easy to find, must buy it online



Would I repurchase ?
definitely  YES :D

dear beautiful readers, thank you for visiting my blog and

don't forget to leave a comment bellow cause I'd really appreciate it :*

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