October Haul ❤

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Hello beauties...
if you follow my instagram account, you must know that i'm posting my haul picture there.
as October almost come to the end, I think it's time to close my wallet for this month, because I have spent alot, yeah for me it's alot because I'm a broke student :(

so let's talk about them in order from right to the left :

1. Olay White Advance
I become Olay fans because their moisturizer doesn't break me out easily.  I bought it because my "Olay Natural White Rich lotion" not giving super moist feeling for my dry skin, and another reason, because It was discount from 62.280 IDR to 43.500 :D

2. Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence 
this is my second bottle of it...I bought it for 175.000 IDR something ughh, I'm forget :| of course I buy it online.

3. Maybelline Color Show Lipstick ( Plum Perfect )
 i never have purple lipstick, so why didn't give a try for this affordable buddy. the price was 30.000 IDR

4. Etude House Correct Control Cream #Silky
first time buying cc cream, because for coverage  I love BB more. the price was 147.000 IDR

5Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Face Wash (100ml)
have been using this face wash since February... totally in love with it ❤ the price was 29.000 but having discount at that time so become 23.000 :)

6. Herbal Essence Long-Term Relationship (Red)
I'm in this brand for this past two months. Almost finished one bottle for the pink one (dangerously straight ) and wanna try this because it smells good. the price was 18.000 but discount so become 14.000 :)

7. Etude House Dear Darling Tint 02
never own this. buy it online for 44.000

8. Ovale Face Mask Lemon
have been using this product since high school even though it has really strong alcohol smells. this face mask help me to control my sensitive skin and prevented future acne. I always have this on my drawer to use once a week. price : 6700 discount to 5000

9. Viva Chic on Lips (aloe secret)
ran out of lip balm, so I will give a try to this cheap product. price 14.000 discount to 10.000

 a lot of discount eh ?

Thank you for reading :)

dear beautiful readers, thank you for visiting my blog and

don't forget to leave a comment bellow cause I'd really appreciate it :*

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