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Hello beauties....
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Lately, I've gotten a lot of questions from my friends and relatives about which skincare product I used, because they said, my complexion was brighter and clearer. lol , I think I did good job with my makeup....
Honestly, my combination skin ( oily in T-zone and dry in cheeks and chin ) have a lot of acne scars in those dry area. My skin also sensitive. I mean, it will get really itchy when its dry and small pimple will pop up. annoying right? so I need extra energy to take care of it

my  face without makeup,  and my dark circle also pretty obvious. so far from perfection kkk~

So let's start with my speedy morning skincare routine :

Morning Skincare

1. Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Face Wash
I love this! it doesn't give tighten feeling on my skin, also less dry feeling after washing. it suitable for all skin type

2. Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence
the product name is essence, but the texture is so liquidy like toner. this is such a big help for healing my acne scars. Product review here

3. Olay White Advance Intensive Whitening Cream
moisturizer cream which is suitable for normal to dry skin, and consists of spf 24. that's why  I don't need to use sunblock. but if you have more outdoor activity and spent more than one hour. I recommend you to use sunblock in your skincare routine with spf 50... 
For me it's okay not to use sunblock :p but it's not okay to not use moisturizer. moisturizer is very important step in daily skincare no matter what your skin type (oily-combination-normal-dry), because I believe moisturizer help to control my skin oil balance.

Night Skincare

1. Silkygirl Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
I'm sorry, got the wrong product placed on the pic  hehe... before using cleansing oil, I usually use eyes makeup remover first because that area more sensitive. and need product which doesn't irritate my eyes while  rubbing the waterproof/ pigmented makeup. So far this product works well to removing waterproof product. 

2. Biore Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil
 if you know "Beauty Bible" program on KBS, once I watched there there's a guy with dry skin and beauty expert recommended  him to use cleansing oil before cleansing foam even thought he didn't use makeup, because oil is a good  helper for moisturizing skin and removing dirt, and after using cleansing oil you can feel the moist, smooth feeling right away. I do agree to use this method. but for me, because I use makeup all day and need the proper cleansing before sleep. Product review here

3. Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Face Wash

4.Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

5. Pond's White Beauty Night Cream
I have been using this product since last year, so far this product is good for moisturizing. for whitening and reducing spot. I don't know, it doesn't give significant result. 

6. Mentholatum Acnes Sealing Jell
I have been using this product since high school :D  I used it to reduce the pimple appearance. usually with this product it takes 3-4 days to get rid a big bump of acne. and also it helps to prevent acne formation.

7.Viva Chic on Lips Aloe Secret
just average lip balm, that I used  before sleep. It will still feel moist for my lips til the morning.

8. Nexcare Acne Cover
 I just used it sometime, when the acne bump will ready to explode in next the morning. and to prevent my naughty hand directly touch the acne.

Weekly Skincare Routine

 - Mizon Grapefruit Peeling Gel
this is once a weak treatment to get rid of dead skin. I rarely used it twice a week. I don't know, I just don't wanna overdo it. So far this product works well for me.

- Masks Sheet , Facial Mask, and  Plain Yogurt as Face Mask
I can do it for twice or three times a week depend on my skin condition.

 Wut,  plain yogurt? YES!  plain yogurt that you usually eat. in most drying time, I didn't use product which comes from cosmetic factory. I use natural ingredients like plain yogurt, honey, honey with rice flour as face mask. I use face mask from cosmetic factory once a week, but for plain yogurt or honey I can use it almost everyday because less irritation possibility
I changing facial mask often from any brand :D but my favorite still My Beauty Diary , Nu face and Ovale .  

- Oriflame Swedish SPA Shooting Face Scrub
 I just used it for my nose to get rid of black and white heads, even though not really working at least my nose area looks smother

- Garnier Self-Heating Sauna Mask
the fastest mask ever! you just need 3 minutes and then rinse it off. This is for unclog pores and refine skin texture in T-zone ( forehead, nose, and chin). I like it, it has warm feeling while using it, and smoothen your skin texture. unfortunately on the mask pack there's no sign if its good for using this product on the whole face. 


To get beautiful and healthy skin, skincare product is outside helper. The inside helper it's food that you consume everyday and YOURSELF. Eat properly, Think positively. Don't get stress, Get enough sleep, went to work out at least once a week, and be a thankful person.

For teenager whose have risky skin, don't put too much makeup. You will look old, and get wrinkle easily.  Take care your skin first with right  the skincare. For people who doesn't care about skincare routine bla bla bla, I tell you, skincare routine like invest for the future. what you use now it will impact your future . who doesn't want to look 30 in their 40?? start to think of it!

After all, to get good result from product you have used, you need to observe your skin and patient. there's no instant result overnight . Don't changing product so often, except it breaks you out and make your skin worse. You need to stick to one routine everyday to see improvement on your skin. If you can't afford buying skincare, you can use natural ingredient like fruits, rice, honey, milk, vegetables, olive oil, aloe vera, etc. and Once again skincare no need the expensive one, but work the best for your skin.

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