November Haul ❤

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November is almost over, I think it's the right time to post my haul as I had to close my wallet. This month haul not as much as last month haul and tend to be makeup haul. I usually spend so much when there's discount, like last month haul...some product here, are discount.

let's check them one by one :)

1. Nivea Essential Care
 another lip balm for dry you can see on the picture it has disc 50% from normal price. I bought it for 12.000

2. Nivea Body Lotion UV Whitening
I have a lot of body lotion on my drawer from brand A to Z, but when I saw it has discount 35% from normal price, immediately I put it on my shopping cart. 400ml for 23.000, who can say no?

3. Maybelline The Hyper Curl Volum' Express
I don't know exactly the normal price, It was discount, so I bought it for 42.000 

4. Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow 
I never have this coral color, so I bought it at gurdian for 33.000 from its normal price 40.000

5. Wardah Staylast Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  the newest product from Wardah, and I really want to try it, another reason. I ran out of liquid eyeliner....price : 37.000

6. Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Sleeping Essence (Night)
I ran out my Pond's night cream. so I gathered my courage to try new night cream product. this product has two size, the bigger one is 50ml and on the jar. Mine is the smaller one. it's 20ml. wanna found out first if this cream suitable for me or not. Price: 21.000

7. Alice Eye by S.H.E
I think it's new brand softlens because I never heard it before. Alice Eyes has 4 different color. there are: gray, brown, green, and blue. Mine is gray, and I love the pattern.  I don't know the normal price, but I bought it for 30.000, because the PA said that's the only brand on the sale.  yes, I'm not lying. it's so cheap right? but it's original product. I'll review it soon. 

8. New Look Wonder ( brown )
if you wonder my lens that I often use to take picture, yes. this one... I really love it. it gives natural dolly look in my eyes and comfortable to use. price: 40.000

9. 02 Multi Purpose Solution
no need explanation for this, right?  price : 20.000

where to buy contact lenses with affordable price? you might be wonder if the price is so cheap. is it original product or not? yeah don't worry. I'm not promoting here, I will say the truth. :D if you know Optic Store named "Mikeda" , it has several branch in Jakarta. They sells glasses and contact lenses with friendly price.  the store itself, it's big and there's lot of PA lol
also you can check your eyes freely.  I usually buy contact lenses in their store in Rawamangun because it near my campus.

thank you for reading :)

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