Review: Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack

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Today I'm back with sleeping pack review from Korean brand Too cool for school. This is my second sleeping pack after I've finished my Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack. I bought this sleeping pack last year for around Rp.140.000/ 13$, with 100ml, which is quite a lot. and.. I have been using this sleeping pack for around seven months, twice or once a week. Mostly in night time as the last step of night skincare after using moisturizer cream or face oil but sometime I use this in day time as day moisturizer when my skin is super dehydrating .

Product's Description 

enzyme peeling + pumpkin nutrition + clear skin + moisturizing

  • multi care sleeping mask provides moisture, nutrients and exfoliation care while sleeping
  • containing pumpkin active ingredients vital for skin care such as rich nutrients of vitamin A and beta carotene provides you with soft skin surface
  • ingredients derived from nature such as natural enzymes, aloe vera and various vegetable moisturizing ingredients resolve skin dryness leaving the skin clear and moisturized.
how to use:
after cleansing, smooth out skin surface with toner and apply an appropriate amount of pumpkin sleeping  pack to be absorbed. Without need to rinse off, just cleanse next morning.



Different with other sleeping pack that comes in the jar, this sleeping pack comes in huge plastic tube with flip flop cap. I think this kind of packaging is better for sleeping pack because we didn't need to use spatula or dip the finger into the jar to get the product. With tube like this just need to squeeze it out and done! especially for lazy girl like meh I prefer a packaging like this. and of course the design of the packaging also win! it has such a cute sleeping pumpkin illustration. but because it has such a huge packaging, it's not travel friendly. Using a smaller container, to bring while travelling. it can help tho.

Scent and Texture

scent: It has light flowery scent, quite refreshing for me. but the scent didn't last long, after several minutes it will disaapear.

texture: the texture is like cream gel, It has cooling effect, it doesn't heavy at all, and it absorb quite fast and it doesn't leave sticky feeling.

My thought

For the first month trying this sleeping pack. I keep comparing it with my innisfree sleeping pack and I was thinking I wouldn't like this sleeping pack because sometimes it gives my skin itchy when I applied this, and it also absorb to the skin quite fast. because I was having dry skin so I need something that stay moisturizing  on the skin surface. but when the season change, my skin condition also change. Now I have combination skin and my middle face area like T zone and cheek area are oily, because of that I found this sleeping pack works better on combination skin. It absorb fast, leaving the skin moisturizing without sticky feeling.

While using this sleeping pack, it didn't cause me any breakout, neither makes my skin oilier. This sleeping pack hydrate my skin pretty well, giving my skin smooth, and plum effect in a night, even though I use this in the morning. it also hydrate and moisturizing without being greasy or oily. 


I love this product. It has such a lot amount of product to be used once or twice a week and the price is affordable. This sleeping pack moisturizing and hydrating better for combination and oily skin because it absorb to the skin fast without leaving greasy feeling. but if you have dry skin, I think this product wouldn't help much or you can use night cream first and then layer it with this sleeping pack. 




If you have tried this product, or not please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

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