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This year have been a roller coaster for me but I'm thankful for what had happened in my life in this year, because I learned so much and I have met amazing, beautiful new friends who motifiate me to keep blogging about beauty. Not forget to mention, we also lost one of our beauty blogger friend, she went to heaven earlier. For me myself, her blog is one of my favorite blog because she blogs so much about Korean beauty and her pictures were always amazing. May she rest in peace :)

Anyway, this post will be my last post in 2016 and this time I'm back with another Korean skincare review! The product that I'm going to review is one of my favorite skincare in 2016 which is Guerisson 9 Complex Skin. Guerisson brand is very famous for their horse cream/ complex cream, but as I do not really like such a super moirturuzing cream, I try their lighter product first. 

Skin in this product means toner, so you can use it after washing your face or you can use it as booster after the toner. I have been using this product since this July and I just finished the whole bottle of it last week. Well, I know it's late review but I still remember how this product works beautifully on my skin. 

Product's Description

Price: $ 18.00 / Rp. 178.000 IDR

Bird's nest extract
premium ingredient that provides vitality to tired skin
Polygonum multiflorum root extract
Ingredient that strengthens skin barrier and restores elasticity to skin 
Resurrection plant extract
Ingredient that makes skin healthy and prevents skin aging 
Skin balance
Keeping skin balanced to maintain young healthy skin 
Deep hydration
Hydrates skin thoroughly- keeping skin moisturized for a long time

the products' description are taken from althea website


First of all, the packaging feels so luxurious.  I mean not the orange box, but look at the transparent bottle with the gold cap. Even the gold cap with Guerisson emboss is so pretty. You might think the bottle is made from glass, but after all it's plastic bottle guys, they tricked us. I like this kind of packaging better because I am always afraid  that I might drop the product with glass bottle. 

at the bottom of the bottle, you can see the expired date, and unfortunately this product's packaging either the box nor the bottle doesn't give  any product description written in English. All in Korean. 

the only description written in English and French is about the product's caution. lol it's funny. How come they make the  product's caution in two languages meanwhile there is no English for product's description????

and the hole for you to dispense the toner, it's the fine one. It takes out the product in adequate amount. I usually need two drops for my whole face if I use it without cotton pad, but with cotton pad I use three drops. 

Texture and Scent

Like the other toner, the texture of  this product is very like water, very liquidy. It doesn't have color at all, and this toner has not very noticeable orange scent which is refreshing.

My Thought 

Fyi: I have combination skin which is so dry in jaw areas and little bit oily in the middle area of my face.

I think the way I apply the product, affect the way it works on my skin. For the first three months I used this product as skincare booster which is I applied it after I use my toner. I just applied it with my finger and dab it against my skin until it fully absorb. But I feel using that way didn't give me so much result. It doesn't work as the product's claims. So I stopped for a week. Then I continued to use it again but with cotton pad, and I use it right after cleaner (as toner). I use it in swipe motion, after that I would pat it to make the toner absorb to the skin.

As I changed the way I applied it. The toner works better. It leaves a little bit of sticky feeling but it hydrates my skin so beautifully. It hydrates perfectly. Make me do not need another booster or liqudy essence, but after toner I still keep using another ampule/essence for another skin concern. 

In my opinion, using cotton pad might use up a lot more product but it makes the product works better, because using cotton pad will help to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells in skin surface which can help product to penetrate better.


I love this product so much! As the purposes of this product mostly as hydrating toner. It works really well. It's hydrating and also helps so much with my skin texture. Also, I didn't experience any breakout while using it. For the price, it's still in the affordable side.

 I would like to recommend this product for you who searching for hydrating product to prep your skin before another skincare step. 




Thank you for reading

If you have tried this product, or not please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

See you on the next post


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