Beauty Tips and Tricks 01 : Natural Ingredients for Healthy and Glowing Skin

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What's up ?
Get ready for long beauty tips and tricks from me? 

Today, I come up with something different. I'm usually posting about product review but now I want to revealing my beauty secret .  I always believe something that you can eat and good for body, also good for your skin. as I got alot of question from my classmate about natural ingredients which is good for skin. now I will tell you some of my favorite natural ingredients which is work for me especially when my skin feel so dry or in really bad state condition. and I have been using those natural ingredients  at least twice a week for this past two years so I can say they are work for me.

Firstly, my all time favorite natural ingredients are oatmeal and honey! They are really easy to get and they are also cheap. Oatmeal and honey have a lot of good benefit for body and your skin.... And the second natural ingredients is  coconut oil. Coconut oil has multifunction purposes for your entire body,from  head to toe. 


Oatmeal have a lot of beauty benefit. It helps to treatment acne, remove dryness, skin lightening, relieves itchiness, etc. Based on board-certified dermatologist Dr. Susan Stuart , "Oatmeal contains both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and it is ideal for sensitive skin and to treat a variety of skin disorders"

My skin issue are dryness, itchiness, and acne. I like to use oatmeal as facial mask. as you can see below I make my own oatmeal mask on the jar. You can also use oatmeal as facial cleanser, but from my past experience for two months using it as cleanser. It doesn't work at all ._.

T I P S  A N D  T R I C K

This is plain oatmeal, you can buy the instant oatmeal at the supermarket. Mine is Quaker oatmeal instant in the red one. I put it on the jar because this one I already have refined with blender so the texture become smoother. and It makes easier to use, as just use a tea spoon to scoop the oatmeal out.  I found it too harsh to use the oatmeal without make it into powder. 

Facial mask recipe

1.Oatmeal Scrub Mask
  • half tsp oatmeal powder and half tsp water. 
  • Mix oatmeal and water together and use it as facial scrub to get rid of the dead skin, after that leave it on the skin for 10 minutes. Rinse it off
2. Oatmeal soft mask
  • one tsp oatmeal and one tsp water
  • soak the oatmeal powder with water and leave it for five minutes until the oatmeal texture become soft. Use it as facial mask and leave it for 20mins/ until the mask dry. 
  • Rinse it off with water.
3. Moisturizing Oatmeal  mask
  • one tsp oatmeal, and one tsp honey/ one tsp plain yogurt
  • mix the both ingredients together. use it as facial mask and leave it on the face for 20mins/ 30mins.
  • rinse it off with water

tips: if you have the difficulty to rinse the mask off because the oatmeal hard to clean. Soak a cotton pad with water and wipe the mask until clean

Are you curious with these oatmeal green tea mask? :D

This mask smells like green tea, and green tea also have a lot of benefit for skin. so I make something that really fun and good to my skin. To make this oatmeal green tea mask. You need : 

  • oatmeal, dried green tea leaves, and blender.
  •  put the ingredients on the blender into ration 2 : 1 . 2 for oatmeal , and 1 for the green tea. 
  • You can use this oatmeal green tea powder with the facial mask recipe above

My Experience with oatmeal  facial mask

I have tried all the recipe that I recommended above by myself, and I love mostly the moisturizing oatmeal mask. But sometime I don't have honey or yogurt with me, I will use the soft mask instead.

I remembered when I live at my dorm two months ago. It was hectic days, and I had a lot of task and I felt even frustrated when my skin become so dry, my skin become rough and my makeup cant look even better with horrible skin condition. My moisturizer cream not giving a lot of help. So, I used oatmeal mask. For the first time try, it  isn't not really giving amazing result but I keep using oatmeal mask every night for three days straight Yep, my skin condition was better, smoother and it felt nice and supple. Because it's natural ingredients, I felt safe to use this mask everyday



Everybody seems to know the benefit of honey for beauty.Honey is good for anti- aging, acne treatment, pore care, and complexion boosting because honey have anti bacterial and antioxidants agent. honey also moisturizing which is good for dryness. 

Actually I'm kinda afraid to use honey to my face because in Indonesia finding the 100% real honey is so tricky. am I right? I was experiencing use honey as mask give itchy and uncomfortable to my skin. It just feel honey doesn't work in my skin until one day my brother brought a bottle of honey from Sumbawa. It was Madu hutan Sunbawa. I use that honey and it doesn't give me uncomfortable feeling, after I washed off the honey from my skin. It just felt so nice, my skin so smooth and moisturizing. and It makes me believe again in the power of honey for healthy and glowing skin.

Any of you experiencing itchiness while using honey? I suggest you to stop using it if it's give you itchy and uncomfortable feeling because it might not the 100% real honey. The seller/maker might be mix it with water or sugar or something else. I dunno. It hard to believe when the seller say it's real honey bla bla bla. I suggest you to run a real honey test before use it for skin/face.

My Experience with Honey Mask

I love use honey as facial mask or mixing the honey with another ingredients to make a facial mask. But I more often use only honey as facial mask without mixing anything.  I usually use honey mask for every two days. Just put honey on my face and leave it for 20/30 mins. after that rinse it off with water. It's really easy. After using honey mask regularly, my skin texture is better and smoother, it's moisturizing. For pore care and and acne treatment it doesn't give so much significant result but at least honey help to achieve healthy skin with natural ingredients. and It also safe to use everyday.

 C O C O N U T  O I L

the last is coconut oil! you can use coconut oil for you entire body,from head to toe. It's really multifunction product. Coconut oil can be used as makeup remover, moisturizer for dry skin, body oil, massage oil, hair mask, lashes and eyebrow serum, for baby diaper rash and lastly you can use coconut oil as cooking oil. To have a bottle of this multi function oil, you don't need spend a lot of money. You just need buy fresh coconut milk on the market and make it into coconut oil. I make this coconut oil by myself thanks to my mom who teach me how to make it. and I mostly use this oil for hair mask, cooking oil, and massage oil. 

How to make coconut oil/ DIY coconut oil:

My Experience with Coconut Oil
  • For body and face

Before I decided to buy facial oil, I sometime used coconut oil for my dry face. I use it only two drops because the consistency of coconut oil is thick and it doesn't absorb to the skin. The oil just sitting there on my skin. But this is really great for massage oil and moisturizing dry part on the body like the elbow or knee area. 

For baby diaper rash, it's not my experience but my nephew experiencing this. My sister-in -law always put this oil after my nephew having bath on the rash area. 

  • lashes and eyebrow serum, and hair mask
This oil is really work to make your hairy part on the body grow faster. for lashes and eyebrow to grow longer, it takes around a month to see the result, and when applying the oil on the lashes I must be careful not to make it get into my eyes, because sometime I did. 

for hair, this is really good to make my hair softer, smoother, easy to comb, less tangle hair, less split at the end of hair and hair grow faster. Coconut oil is one of my HG hair product because I hate use conditioner and this totally work to have such healthy hair. I usually use this hair mask once a week or once in two weeks
How to use coconut oil as hair mask :

  • put coconut oil (while massaging) into your  entire hair, mostly root and the end of the hair
  • let the oil absorb to the hair by wrap your head with towel and leave it at least one hour, the longer is better.
  • wash your hair with shampoo and do not use conditioner.
  • let your hair dry naturally
tips: if you feel the hair still greasy after shampooing, reapply the shampoo once again but with just little bit of amount of shampoo and rinse it off with water


yeah I know it such a long post, but those ingredients, mask recipe, tips and tricks
 really work on me. because they came from natural ingredients, they give a little possibility of irritation except you allergy to it. I hope what I share here useful for you guys, feel free to ask anything and leave the comment below.

Thank you for reading, see you on the next post


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