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I just realized I didn't have so much blusher, because I rarely use blusher for everyday makeup.  so far I just have two blusher. Even I like to use my lipstick as a blusher more. I didn't fall for this blusher because of its cute packaging. I want pink blusher because its good for natural flushed looking and brightening effect. Korean beauty tv show exactly influence me.  I bought this blusher for 66.000 IDR

The face shop pastel cushion has  six diffrent blusher shade. They are rose cushion, coral cushion, plum cushion, peach cushion , and pink cushion.  Even though the name is cushion, don't be wrong. It doesn't have sponge and aif puff. it just the name . They are all powder blusher. They are all so pretty and cute *v* Mine is number 04 which is Pink Cushion 

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The packaging: 
This blusher comes in thin paperboard. the paperboard is very lightweight and it doesn't sturdy. When you open the blusher container, it comes with a cute little puff. Underneath the puff, there is a plastic to seperate the puff with the blusher . So the puff doesn't get dirty easily beacause of the powder. The puff itself is soft.

on the bottom of the blusher container, there is some more info about the product

Ingredients list :

Color and Texture : 
It has baby pink color and the texture is powdery, it doesn't feel chalky. The powder itself is smooth and soft. It has a little shimmer, almost invicible. and The finish is sheer. This blusher color pigmentation is less than I expected. It's not pigmented.  

The color of this shade is too light and it hardly show up when I swatched it up on the puff. Even when I want to swatch it on the finger, I need several swap for the blush color to comes up. For me, I usually use this blush with brush.  Here is the picture of me using four layer of the blush. 

Could you notice any differences ?

As you can see, the color doesn't comes up in my fair skin. I need to put it layered. In real life, four layer could be seen a little bit. Maybe my camera didn't really capture it. 

When I swatched the blush on my darkest skin part of mybody, which is my arm. The color showed up better there than in my face. I use this blusher sometime when I went to the campus. For the longlasting power, I couldn't really say it because this blusher almost invicible on my face. Three hours is still oke, as  long as I didn't sweat a lot and it didn't make my acne scar even more visible....and this blusher also didn't break my sensitve skin out.


I couldn't say I hate nor love this blusher. The color just didn't show up on my fair skin. that's it. I love the powder texture, it smooth and doesn't really shimmery. and the best thing is. it doesn't break me out.   Maybe this baby pink color blusher would showed up better in people who have darker skin color. Medium to tan, not fair like me. 



If you have tried this product, or not please leave comment below. Lemme know what do you think about this product

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